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5 Tips to Upgrade from Windows XP

Posted by Chris Chase on Wednesday, 15 January 2014 in Alerts

b2ap3_thumbnail_windows_400.jpgIf you haven't done it already, then on the very top of your 2014 to-do list should be upgrading from Windows XP. Microsoft has scheduled to end support for its popular decade-old OS on April 8, 2014, which is only a few short months away. Here are five tips that will help you with upgrading from Windows XP.

Old School Methods for New School Business Success

Posted by Chris Chase on Wednesday, 15 January 2014 in IT Blog

b2ap3_thumbnail_conferencing_for_good_business_400.jpgAs technology keeps leading us into the future, it can be easy to lose sight of traditional leadership methods. Since the newest gadgets are so appealing, it's tempting to have technology automate our decision making as a crutch. Can technology really replace the old school business leadership practices?

b2ap3_thumbnail_server_for_us400.jpgIt's good to backup your data, but can you have too much of a good thing? While this may be the case for several enjoyable activities like partying and buffets, this isn't the case with data backup. In fact, the more layers of data backup you have, the more secure you will be. How good is your data backup solution?

b2ap3_thumbnail_managed_service_professional400.jpgOne of the purposes of technology is to help your business grow. The best way to achieve this goal is to be intentional with your technology. Sometimes running a business can be so hectic that keeping up with your technology becomes an afterthought. Neglecting your technology can eat into your organization's profits; therefore, it makes more sense to outsource your IT.

b2ap3_thumbnail_mobile_devices400.jpgRemember back when buying mobile devices for your business meant choosing between a handful of laptops? Thanks to the increased proliferation of devices like smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and the development new hybrid models, it's become quite the task to pick out the right make and model. Here are five questions to consider when picking out mobile devices for your organization.


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