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b2ap3_thumbnail_3d_printing_technology_400.jpg3D Printing is something that has been talked about for years, but has finally become a reality. No longer do we have to deal with flat, lifeless images printed out of ink-wasting printers and machines - but, do we know what kind of impact this new innovation will have on several industries around the world?

b2ap3_thumbnail_skype_translator_400.jpgCan you imagine a world where language isn't a barrier? Humanity would be able to achieve some crazy things, like perhaps rocketing a skyscraper into outer space! With every passing year, new technology innovations like Skype Translator chip away at the language barrier, making one bright and coherent future!

b2ap3_thumbnail_windows_7_support_400.jpgIf you have yet to upgrade away from Windows XP for some reason, you might want to think twice about upgrading to Windows 7. Microsoft has cautioned users about the end of mainstream support for several of its products within the next six months, and the popular operating system is one of them.

b2ap3_thumbnail_severs_get_hot_400.jpgTechnically speaking, it needs to be 158°F for a raw egg to become firm. The summer heat doesn't get that hot, but outdoor objects like sidewalks and car hoods that come in contact with it can. Thus the phrase, "It's so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk!" When it's hot outside, you need to keep your server units cool inside.

On the 4th of July, in Oneonta, NY's Neahwa Park, Team Directive participated in the LEAF Council's Tuff eNuff 5K Obstacle Challenge. Our team was comprised of 13 participants, 3 volunteers, and 2 videographers. At 10:30am, they began their heat of the race, along with about 40 other participants.

teamdirective-tuff-enuff.jpgBy the time they reached the finish line, our team was tired and muddy. The majority had some scrapes and bruises. But in the end, everyone from Team Directive who began the challenge, finished it!

We can officially say that: We are Tuff eNuff.

Tuff eNuff is the only local 5K of its kind. Its competitors faced challenges of strength, speed, and endurance, including cross-country running, wading through waist-high water, several climbing obstacles, and a downhill mudslide.


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