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Tip of the Week: Organize Your Microsoft Outlook Contact List
What's your Microsoft Outlook contact list looking like these days? For many busy business owners, their email contacts list is jumbled...
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“Zero Trust” Network Security: Only Trust Data as Far as You Can Throw It!
When it feels like everybody is out to get you, there's only one way to survive: Trust nobody. You may not have too many physical enemi...
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The Medieval Art of Guilds, IT-Style
In days of old, skilled people of all crafts joined together to improve the quality of their lives and their products. These were calle...
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Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ Bend Expectations
Apple is back with another iPhone! The Silicon Valley-based hardware and software manufacturer has released the new versions of their e...
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How Long Until Automation Takes Away Existing Jobs?
Automation is an increasingly sought-after convenience in the workplace, especially when it comes to repetitive tasks. Some professiona...
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Big shout out to Chris Chase and the JoomConnect team, you guys rocked it for us - thanks again, the....

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  • President
  • The ASCII Group
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Chris Chase is the "Guru" of the new social media movement don't miss out on getting your ....

  • Tim Brewer
  • Director, Corporate Services at Anittel
  • Perth, Australia
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