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Alert: Cryptowall 2.0 Ransomware On the Loose
The latest threats can put a damper on your business plan and put your company at risk. Therefore, it's only natural to protect yoursel...
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Sandworm: Russian Cyber Espionage Campaign Uncovered After 5 Years
A new threat, dubbed Sandworm by iSight Partners, has been discovered. It is a cyber espionage campaign dating back to at least 2009, a...
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To Understand the Hacker, You Must Become the Hacker
Hackers are mysterious. Not much is known about them - until they get caught, at least. But until the divine hammer of justice is broug...
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microsoft outlook
Tip of the Week: Organize Your Microsoft Outlook Contact List
What's your Microsoft Outlook contact list looking like these days? For many busy business owners, their email contacts list is jumbled...
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zero trust 400
“Zero Trust” Network Security: Only Trust Data as Far as You Can Throw It!
When it feels like everybody is out to get you, there's only one way to survive: Trust nobody. You may not have too many physical enemi...
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Wednesday September 7th - Significant, widespread flooding from Tropical Storm Lee affected the Central New York area, including Otsego County, where our offices are located. Our offices quickly became landlocked and were not able to conduct business. The flooding, caused a state of emergency and evacuations in our area, all roads closed, internet and electrical services were disrupted.

Emails sent to the helpdesk are being queued and will be delivered to our helpdesk when services are available and we are still responding and dispatching.

UPDATE September 12, 2011:

The help desk is back online and requests are being processed as quickly as possible. Our offices have re-opened today, Monday September 12.

We thank everyone for their patience as we work through this. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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