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We’re looking for a PHP developer who will be working with our internal application development team to develop new features for our enterprise application integration, create and test patches to our software, and to implement automation tools to help free up other internal resources from repetitive tasks.


  • Must be punctual

  • We are looking for critical thinkers

  • Good communication, both written and verbal

  • Willingness to learn and grow

  • Respond to clients in a timely manner, when called upon to do so


  • Write extensible, well documented PHP code for new integrations

  • Troubleshoot and implement fixes for in-production software

  • Offer support to our team of web designers, as necessary

  • Thoroughly test patches to software before bi-weekly releases

  • Occasionally handle support tickets and communicate with clients

Skills and Qualifications:


  • Object oriented programming experience, preferably PHP or Javascript

  • Familiarity with basic UI development, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

  • Familiarity with MySQL databases and queries


  • Understanding of MVC structure and development patterns

  • Experience with the Joomla CMS and framework

  • Experience with versioning tools, such as TFS or Git

  • Experience using AJAX for data exchange

  • Familiarity with using a LAMP stack


  • Experience with PhpStorm

  • Experience with PHP frameworks, preferably Symfony