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Case Studies | Oneonta, NY | Directive

Manufacturing plant chooses Directive to modernize Time and Attendance system with Bio-Metrics solution.

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Astrocom Electronics, Inc. is a manufacturing plant based in Colliersville, New York that produces headsets, cables, microphones, earphones, connectors and switches for such industries as the space program and the military.Astrocom takes pride in their ability to provide superior customer service and high-quality innovative products on time. Directive has provided various IT services for Astrocom since 1996.

The Challenge

With 125 employees Astrocom management realized that the Kronos® time clock and badge system they were using to track employee time was no longer effectively meeting their company needs. Astrocom had two choices, either upgrade their existing time clock which was an expensive option, or replace the entire system with something more economical that would still meet their needs.

The Solution

Directive researched and weighed the benefits of several packages and proposed Time in a Box with a Biometric Time Clock from Stromberg®. Stromberg's solutions are installed in more than 10,000 client locations and have earned recognition from companies all over the world.



The old time clock software ran on an older pc with DOS. Now the software is installed on a Windows workstation and the data resides on the Server. The new software eliminated the need for another pc to host the software.

Ease of Integration

Time in a Box has an export utility for ADP Payroll. There is no longer a need for double entry. Human Resources is now able to review time cards and after approving them export the data and easily import it in to ADP.

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Stromberg’s Biometric clock uses the employees fingerprint and PIN number. No badges or swiping needed. Employees simply enter their PIN number and place their finger on the special dry, clean, acrylic window. Fast, clean, and easy. Punches are automatically recorded and transferred to the software.

Real-time Information

Time in a Box provides Time and Attendance management with real-time information necessary to make informed decisions that can drastically reduce payroll costs. The system tracks and reports time, attendance, jobs, and departments. The extensive reports include exception, missing punch, tardy and daily hours.



Astrocom Electronics, Inc.


Communications Equipment / Manufacturing

Platform/File System:

Virtualized Windows Server


Time in a box


Stromberg®. Biometric Time Clock


Upgrade or replace existing badge system they were using to track employee time, automate payroll processing, provide more secure punching via finger print and pin.


After weighing the options it was decided to replace their current system with a product called Time in a Box with a Biometric Time Clock from Stromberg®.


Automated Payroll

Real-time information

Eliminated Buddy Punching

No Dedicated PC

ADP Integration

Faster Punches

Less Confusion


Old Clock


New Clock


New Clock