Microsoft 365 Business for the Non-Profit

Microsoft 365 Business for the Non-Profit

Accomplish your mission with the support of reliable tools.

Non-profit organizations are a different breed, but still a business.

While many may only see what makes a non-profit different on the outside, all of the most important concerns that any business would face also impact the nonprofit.

Just consider their cybersecurity. Most nonprofits are small-to-medium-sized organizations, so they are in the same boat as any other SMB… the biggest difference being that the nonprofit has a smaller budget to invest into their security, on top of their other necessary investments.

That’s why we recommend Microsoft 365 to these organizations. Microsoft 365 is fully loaded with the tools and solutions needed for the non-profit’s success, and Directive is here to help you make the most of it.

Microsoft 365 for Business, for Non-Profits

What Are the Benefits?

Simplified Management
Microsoft 365 Business offers you centralized controls over your organization’s technology settings to make sure that your staff has easy, but secure, access to the devices they use. All the applications and updates they’ll need can be pushed to the device, allowing them to focus on the task at hand and accomplish more with their time. That way, your time isn’t spent tracking down each person and making sure they are following best practice with the technology they use. Adding new team members is simple, as a new user in a security group is automatically beholden to that group’s set policies… speaking of which:

Improved Security
Any business has to seriously consider its security precautions, which Microsoft 365 can make much easier for the non-profit. You have the ability to set and push security policies to registered devices, with automatic security updates coming directly from Microsoft. Furthermore, you have the ability to remove any of your business’ data from a user’s device, with no impact to the user’s personal files.

Collaboration and Productivity
Microsoft 365 was built around the idea of better collaboration, so it only makes sense that your users will have a variety of tools at their disposal as they make progress on your organization’s goals. Productivity is no issue from anywhere, with the ability to accomplish more while offline, with everything pushed when connectivity is restored. With plenty of communication tools at their disposal, and access to all the information they need, your team can be confident that they can meet and overcome any challenge.

Microsoft is even investing its energies into making the tools built into Microsoft 365 even better for the non-profit organization, with Team Templates dedicated specifically to their needs.

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