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NDR - Data Backup and Disaster Recovery for Businesses

Of all the resources your business relies on, data is one of the most important...and one of the easiest to lose. That's where NOCOLOGY steps in, providing an all-inclusive backup and data recovery strategy

Avoid Catastrophic Data Loss

Regardless of your type of business, your data is vital to its success. You have invaluable, irreplaceable information that your success relies on; information that will need to be regularly updated and referred to.

Most business owners have a healthy respect for the necessity of data backup measures, especially those who have avoided catastrophic data loss through the use of a backup solution already. After all, the cost of the device is minuscule when compared to the financial damage that data loss can incur. However, many backup solutions still subject the user to large amounts of downtime as they restore the data you'd have otherwise lost. Wouldn't it be nice if it only took minutes away from your business, instead of hours or days?

Our systems are designed to do just that. In the case of server failure, our proprietary NOCOLOGY Disaster Recovery, or NDR, will pick up the responsibilities of that server as it continues to take regular backups. As a result, you can continue operations as your technology issues are resolved, your productivity relatively unaffected.

To ensure that your data is protected from any disaster, the NDR encrypts and archives your data in off-site data centers incrementally. This is the ultimate, iron-clad solution for data backup and disaster recovery! Fill out our contact us form to get started!

“Iron-clad solution for data backup and disaster recovery!”

Key Features:

  • Back up data as often as every 15 minutes

  • Back up open documents without interruption

  • Restore deleted or corrupt files quickly, no waiting for tape

  • Restore single missing emails or entire inboxes with ease

  • Completely virtualizes your server in the case of a hardware malfunction, putting you back in business

  • Bare metal server restoration regardless of hardware changes or completely new server

  • Encrypts data locally and archives it in two off-site data centers automatically, incrementally, forever!

When Disaster Strikes

Peace of Mind

With NOCOLOGY, you can move past those archaic backup solutions. In fact, we don't even call it backup. When you lose your data, it is a Disaster --one that NOCOLOGY will help you recover from.

The NDR Device isn't just meant to proactively duplicate and store your files. The NDR will get you back up and running as soon as possible. If a disaster were to occur, taking one of your servers offline, the NDR can completely virtualize the down server and assume its responsibilities within minutes. This means your entire IT Infrastructure can continue to function until the server is repaired or replaced. In the meantime, the NDR will continue to take incremental backups, allowing you to continue with your usual responsibilities.

What would happen to your company if you experienced a fire or flood? How long would it take for your computer systems to get back online? With our service, imagine having your servers up and running the very next day.

With NOCOLOGY Disaster Recovery, we can develop a specific Disaster Recovery Plan catered exclusively for your organization. We will test your solution every quarter to give you peace of mind, proving that no matter what happens, your data is safe. With redundant, encrypted archives stored at East and West Coast data centers, your data is preserved even if the NDR were somehow destroyed or stolen. In that case, a new NDR would be shipped to you overnight, ready to get your business back up and running.


The Technology Behind the NDR Device

NDR is an efficient, cohesive way to ensure that your company's data is reinforced and reliable, needing virtually no management on your part. The NDR is compatible with Windows 2003, Windows 2008, & Windows 2012 servers, seamlessly backing up your data every fifteen minutes. The NDR service offers off-site data storage with optional multi-year archiving and fast virtualization capabilities. NDR can be used to recover a single Exchange message, full mailboxes, or an entire file server. We can easily perform file and folder level restorations, and bare metal restorations to dissimilar hardware. In the meantime, a virtual server can be set up within hours to keep productivity up while new hardware is being gathered or repaired.

The data backup technology archives onto your locally housed NDR Device at the block level, meaning actual 1's and 0's are replicated from the hard drives. Open files will no longer be omitted from your backup. This method replaces error-prone tape backup, providing a flawless snapshot of your Windows 2003, 2008, and 2012 servers and their volumes or logical drives. Not a single file or folder is excluded.


NDR-backup and restore - 15 Minute Snapshots, 256-bit AES Encryption, 32 and 64 bit Windows Server Support, Disk Based Backup, Offsite Storage, File and Folder Restores, System Restores, Drag and Drop Recovery, Database and Application Recovery, Multiple Off-Site and On-Site Restore Points.


NDR-bare metal restore - Virtual to Physical Restores, Virtual to Virtual Restores, Restore to Different Hardware, Multiple Partition Restore, Windows Domain Controler Support.


NDR-stand by servers - Server Virtualization, Run from Backup Devices, Virtualize Server in 30 Minutes, Hardware Independent, Shorten RTO's, Point-in-Time Snapshot Before Failure, Backup even During Virtualization, Virtualize Directly From Backup, BMR back to Production Server


NDR-replication  -  Transfer Images and Incremental Backups via External Drive, Incremental File Transfer Over the Wire to Co-Location, 256-bit AES Encrypted Tunnel, Packet Level Verification, Transfer Analyzer, Backups Replicated Once a day to Off-Site Co-Location, Error Notification and Reporting.