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Voice Over IP Business Phone Systems

The Most Flexible, Feature-Rich Business Phone Solution… Period.

You probably didn’t realize just how far behind your phone system is, but you were probably aware of how expensive it can be, especially when scaling or trying to make changes to it. Modern cloud-hosted VoIP is a major game changer and can unify your business communications.

Expect More From Your Telephone Provider

Upstate NY businesses have been stuck with outdated telephone system options for far too long. Modern solutions work better, sound better, include a wealth of must-have features, and can even cost less.

Best of all, you and your staff don’t need to be at their desk to make and receive calls from your phone system.

The Ultimate Cloud-Based Office Phone System

Forget about expensive up-front implementation costs—if you have network drops, you are ready to go. It even works with your existing IP-based phones. Forget about per-user-per-month fees. Forget about expensive phone bills, or separate web conferencing apps, and paying extra for the common phone system features you need.

Our cloud-hosted VoIP solution gives your business everything. You’ll wish you stopped paying for your traditional phone plan years ago.

Completely Scalable and Affordable

The telephone is such a basic necessity for most organizations—it should be affordable. With VoIP, businesses can see up to 80 percent on your phone bill when compared to a traditional phone system. There’s no complex hardware to install and support either. Adding new users is as simple as making a phone call, and doesn’t result in an additional fee or monthly bill.

Incredible Phone Features, Especially for the Modern Business

Organizations throughout Otsego, Delaware, and Chenango counties have more-or-less been stuck with the more traditional options when it comes to business communication. Modern phone systems can give your business a huge edge when it comes to your flexibility, and how easy it is to communicate both internally and externally.

Here are just some of the features:

  • Set up conference calls with your staff, your customers, or prospects.
  • Allow managers to monitor, record, and silently barge into calls when needed.
  • Send SMS text messages from your business line to your customers for reminders and updates.
  • Integrate your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to know who is calling.
  • Use your office number to take calls from your smartphone, desktop, or laptop.
  • Video conferencing and internal chat.
  • Manage availability, forward calls, and manage your voicemail from anywhere.

It’s the perfect solution for remote and hybrid workforces.

Switching Your Phone System Has Never Been Easier

It sounds daunting, but we make the transition incredibly easy. If you are tired of paying an arm and a leg for a phone system that doesn’t complement your organization, we can have you up and running quickly with minimal downtime or disruption to your business.

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