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The Ultimate Social Media Rig - Master Social Media Networking and Marketing

Directive  Services Social​ Media Rig

Market your organization, engage your clients, and track your invested time all with one powerful set of tools combined with training and best practices to put you in control of your social marketing campaign. The Ultimate Social Media Rig is designed to condition you and your staff into Social Media Champions!

Take Advantage of Social Networks

Directive's Ultimate Social Media Rig is designed to take advantage of popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  The Ultimate Social Media Rig bundles a series of tools that aid in streamlining the process of keeping fans and followers up-to-date with your company culture, brands, news, and promotions. Coupled with powerful research tools, no-nonsense workflow procedures, and powerful analytics, your organization will be armed with the most powerful marketing capabilities on the Web.  The Ultimate Social Media Rig will compliment any traditional marketing campaign.

Social media is only as rewarding as you make it, and having the right tools isn't everything. The Ultimate Social Media Rig includes hands-on training to get you and your organization up to speed with the best practices and etiquette you'll need to manage an effective social media campaign.

Social Networks

Facebook:  Facebook reigns supreme in the world of social media, and is still the most important platform in regard to your social media marketing efforts. 

Twitter: Even with a maximum of 280 characters per tweet, Twitter is a great way to communicate quick tips, article links, news, announcements, and more with your clients and prospects. 

LinkedIn: LinkedIn was specifically designed as a social networking platform for professionals, and is a great tool to use to connect with business decision-makers.

YouTube - YouTube is the best video marketing hub and the place in which you should host all of your company’s videos. 

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Key Features:

  • Social Media Network Setup and Branding

  • Facebook Privacy Assistance

  • Hootsuite Configuration (Centralized Alerts and Notifications Hub)

  • Social Network Best Practice Training


  • Update all your social networks with a single login
  • Set up workflows and scheduled updates

  • Confidence in your ability to manage and control a successful social media campaign for your organization.