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Local Computer Repair and Tech Support

Directive Services Hourly It

Do you have a frustrating computer issue? Is your laptop running slow? Are you having trouble getting work done because the technology you rely on isn't working with you? We can get you back up and running!

Directive’s exclusive Managed IT Service, known as NOCOLOGY is a proactive computer and network service. It’s designed to prevent technology issues from catching your business unaware; causing expensive repairs, downtime and lost revenue. With Directive on your team, you can focus on your business, your clients, and your bottom line.

Instead of treating technology as something unrelated to your business success, Directive recognizes technology should be an integral part of your success story. Technology shouldn’t be treated as a burden or something you have to throw resources at to make work continually. Directive believes that technology is the key to unlocking productivity, reducing expenses and yes, make your business more profitable. In other words, technology should work for you.

Contact Directive today to learn more about NOCOLOGY and take your technology beyond merely repairing computers, to viewing and investing in technology as a part of your team.Now is time to view technology as an investment and not a drain on resources.

In addition to hourly IT support, you can also take advantage of our discounted blocks of time, designed for customers who frequently require our services or project management.

Key Features:

  • Pay-per-incident

  • Get your computer issues solved FAST and right the first time
  • Work with our helpful, professional IT technicians
  • Discounted blocks of time available

Support Options

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Send an email to the Help Desk to create a ticket automatically and communicate with your team or any member. Email us today! support@directive.com
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Chat with a live Solutions Integrator and receive Sales and Technical Support. We can even access your computer remotely and fix your issue as quickly as possible!
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You're human, and your support should be too. Speak to a Solutions Integrator on the phone now ! Call today! 607.433.2200