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With 70% of cyberattacks targeting small businesses cybersecurity is a problem too big for you to ignore!

Cybersecurity has to be integrated into the daily strategy of all businesses, taking risk management, data protection, and your compliance needs into account. A security risk assessment is essential for discovering your risks and defining appropriate mitigation strategies that fit your company’s specific needs.

When it comes to your cybersecurity risks do you:

  • Have the proper tools in place to mitigate any risk of breach?
  • Protect your assets and resources, including your data, your website, your financial data, your intellectual property, and email?
  • Meet your business sector's regulations and overcome its specific vulnerabilities?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you need to know how severe your risk is.

You Need to Know How Secure You Are!

What’s included in the Assessment Process?

The assessment process takes time to be completed as it depends on the size and the complexity of your network. The assessment process is broken down into several phases to achieve the goal of understanding your companies vulnerabilities to risk, identifying areas to improve upon and to provide best practices to your security controls within your infrastructure.

  1. Identification
    We will use our security scanning and other tools to identify external and external vulnerabilities.
  2. Analyze
    We’ll look for holes in your security, detection and prevention policies and practices that could lead to a breach.
  3. Report
    We will provide and review with you a summary of all our findings and recommendations that you can use whether you work with us in the future or not.

Cybersecurity is not one and done.

Protecting your business is an ongoing process. With the ever-evolving threats cybercriminals pose it is important to maintain a risk management program to continuously monitor your IT environment for new threats.

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