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Google Apps for Work

Directive Services Google Apps

Streamline your Business, Save Money

G Suite is a full-service productivity suite, designed for ease of use, collaboration, and security. Powerful, intuitive and practical, G Suite provides a complete set of tools, guaranteed to not only get your team to work, but encourage them to collaborate as well.

Google Calendar

The key to success for most businesses is the ability for team members to communicate with each other. An efficient method to facilitate communication is with a shared calendar to assist in the coordination of efforts and goals. As well as update the status of other team members. Some features include:

  • Create and share events
  • Send invites and track status
  • Provide reminders and more

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

The trinity of productivity and one which G Suite takes to the next level. With no software to download or update, G Suite provides a stable and consistent productivity toolkit, one which is always compatible and accessible, even if the internet is unavailable.

G Suite offers presentation, word processing and spreadsheet functionality for your organization which is easy to use and most importantly share within your group. Moreover, G Suite is compatible with other productivity suites, allowing your team to communicate with anyone, even if they’re not using G Suite themselves.

Google Drive

The foundation of G Suite is Google Drive which provides affordable cloud storage and is the key to collaboration between team members. Along with disaster planning, the primary purpose of having data on the cloud is the ability to access and share it easily between team members.

By incorporating Google Drive (or another cloud solution) Users can share folders, files, automatically save files, and do even more with a number of third party apps.


Increase team engagement by offering the ability for up to 25 team members to engage in a text chat or even a video conference right from their computers, tablets or smartphones. No need for a dedicated ‘meeting’ software or hardware to facilitate communication with your team. G Suite provides the tools to communicate out of the box and is fully compatible with other Google apps.

By taking advantage of Hangout’s easy-to-use screen and file sharing capabilities, your team is always on the same page.

Convenience is key to implementation and what’s more convenient that being able to access your data anywhere you have access to the internet on any compatible device; Phone, Tablet or computer? Your documents are even available to you to work on when you’re offline and will update themselves automatically once you’re connected again.

With G Suite, gone are the days of carrying a USB (thumb drive) or emailing the files to yourself or team member to share information. Most importantly there’s no more overwriting the files you want with the ones you thought you deleted, losing valuable data and have to start over. Not only does the G Suite automatically updates your changes, it also maintains a history of the changes you make allowing you to return to an earlier version if need be.


As you know Directive considers security as one the primary steps you can take as part of your overall business development plans. A fundamental part of security is ensuring your communications and data remain under your control. G Suite has enterprise-grade security controls and administration tools designed to keep your data protected whether it contained on a device or in the cloud. Some examples are

  • Remotely reset and/or block the device
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Google Drive
  • S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) for Gmail
  • 2 Step Verification
  • Physical Security Keys

While Google has designed G Suite to leverage the ease of use associated with their consumer level version counterparts, make no mistake, G Suite is a powerful and versatile product and one that with a little know how and vision can be taken to the next level,

Contact us today to learn how Directive can tease all of the potential out of G Suite and put it to use for your business. When used in combination with our offered services, we can incorporate G Suite into your marketing plan and recruit Google itself as a partner for your organization’s growth.