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Google Apps for Work

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G Suite For Business

Put Google’s tested solutions to work for your business, supported by Directive.

Streamline Your Business’ Operation with G Suite

G Suite revolutionizes how your business and your team communicates and collaborates with each other and clients as well. Divided into four areas: Connect, Create, Access and Control, the features of G Suite make it the all-in-one productivity solution for today’s business generation.



Gmail for Business isn’t the free, consumer-level Gmail you’re used to. Instead, Gmail for Business is a modern email solution, offering a secure, private and ad-free email platform for businesses to leverage. Gmail provides real-time message notifications and safely retains your critical emails and data. Your IT admins can centrally manage accounts across your organization and devices. Some features of Gmail for Business include:

  • Custom email at your company’s domain
  • Join Hangouts Meet or Chat from within your inbox
  • Easy migration from Outlook and other legacy applications
  • Spam protection, automatic backups, and security
  • Google’s reliable servers: 99.9% guaranteed uptime, 0% planned downtime.

Google Calendar

By offering integrated online calendars, Google Calendar allows smart scheduling for meetings. Taking advantage of G Suite’s built-in collaboration tools, Calendar allows your team to remain coordinated with one another, via shared calendars. A shared calendar is an effective way to align your team’s efforts with their goals, and allows them to spend less time planning. By integrating seamlessly with Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites, and Hangouts, your team is always in the know.

Some of Calendar’s features include:

  • Event creation, scheduling, and sharing
  • Invitations, status updates, and availability
  • Easy migration from legacy systems
  • Support for a variety of devices, including Mobile access
  • Publish calendars on the web

Hangouts Meet and Chat

Users familiar with Google’s consumer-facing Hangouts application will find the business-focused versions, Hangouts Meet and Chat, excellent options for their teams to carry on productive and efficient collaboration and conversations among their team members.

What’s the difference between Meet and Chat? Meet is for scheduling and participating in video calls, while Chat is designed specifically for having text chats, in a similar fashion to Hangouts.

Featuring deep integrations with the rest of G Suite, Hangouts Meet and Chat feature file sharing and search functionality to make collaboration simpler. For example, you could create an event in Google Calendar, automatically generating a Hangouts video chat link  AND pulling your chat conversations from inside Gmail.


Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and more.

Any productivity suite needs a word processor, a spreadsheet generator, and a presentation creator. G Suite provides this in these three solutions, each providing the capabilities that a business requires, accessible without an Internet connection and allowing communication with others - even those who don’t use G Suite solutions and instead rely on a different productivity suite.

With G Suite your team can have access to a variety of communicative, productivity and creativity tools, allowing them to communicate in the way which best suits them.


  • Create custom forms for surveys and questionnaires as easily as creating a document.
  • Enjoy access to a variety of question types.
  • Easy drag-and-drop question reordering.
  • Collect your results and input them into Google Sheets.
  • Add videos, images and custom logic to provide responders a great survey experience.


  • Easily create responsive, mobile ready high-quality sites for your team, project or event.
  • No programming or design skills needed.
  • Access all your content from G Suite: Drive folder, Doc or shared Calendar.

App Maker:

  • Build Apps faster with drag-and-drop UI design.
  • Business apps your company needs, built by you.
  • With G Suite’s low-code development environment, you can build apps to help fill gaps, such as accelerating business workflows or scaling internal operations.


  • The sticky note, digitalized.
  • Update notes anytime, anywhere.
  • Share and collaborate notes and insights with your team.
  • Create, collect and save notes, lists, photos, audio and drawings.
  • As a part of G Suite, everything syncs across your devices.


Google Drive

Essential to G Suite is Google Drive, the collaborative cloud service that enables users to cooperate with each other on business documents. Google Drive makes it so that your users can share and edit folders and files, facilitating teamwork while progress is automatically saved, and leveraging assorted third-party applications.

With G Suite, your business’ users can access their data from any Internet-connected device, with the option to work on their documents while offline. Once reconnected, your files will be updated in Google Drive.

Rather than risking your data by storing in on a USB thumb drive, or going through the trouble of emailing files back and forth, multiple users can simultaneously work on the same files. Perhaps most usefully, you don’t need to worry about overwriting your past work. Google Drive both saves your progress automatically and keeps a record of all changes made. You can even restore a past version from this record if need be.

In addition to these benefits, Google Drive is suited to your business’ continuity planning, as its cloud storage allows your data to be safely stored offsite.

Google Cloud Search

A perfect compliment to Google Drive, Google Cloud Search gives you access to the wealth of data your organization retains. Does your business have a large repository of documents or a knowledge center? How accessible is it to your team? Is it under-utilized because finding information is just so difficult that no one bothers to us it? With Google Cloud Search, your team can quickly search for information across your company’s content.

Google Cloud Search provides access to Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and more. Wherever you have your content stored, it is accessible with Google Cloud Search. Your team can find the information they need from anywhere and on any device. Google Cloud Search will also conform to the security models of your organization, ensuring your data remains secure.



G Suite brings the Administrator to the average user, because administration shouldn’t need a manual. With Admin you can easily add users, manage devices and configure security and settings to keep your data secure and your team in communication.

Admin’s centralized administration makes setup and management easy to implement and maintain. With options such as 2-step verification, security keys and analytics, Admin is designed from the ground up to keep your network safe.


Your business’ historical data and records contain information which could be critical to your business now and in the future. Vault allows you to archive corporate data from G Suite applications, including Gmail, Drive, Groups and Hangouts Meet and Chat. With Vault, you can set retention policies based on a variety of preferences, giving you control over which data can be saved or is allowed to be deleted.

Vault can help your business by:

  • Preserving information in case needed for legal action
  • Locating content quickly with Google-powered search
  • Tracking when, which and where data was accessed from your Vault.

Mobile Device Management

As BYOD practices become more commonplace, the need to protect your business’ data is critical. Human nature being what it is, it is not uncommon for phones to lost, stolen, broken or compromised in some fashion. To help keep your data secure, G Suite offers easy to set up mobile device management for Android, iOS, Windows and other smartphones. Some features include:

  • Remote screen locks
  • Password requirements
  • Remote data wiping
  • Account removal

Mobile device management provides a wealth of additional features designed to help you maintain better control over your device management.


Of course, your business’ security is one of the most important considerations you can make when selecting a solution. G Suite shines here, both allowing you to control your own security standards, with baked-in compliance to assorted regulations.

When you utilize G Suite, your data is encrypted, as is your email correspondence. You are also leveraging a solution with enterprise-grade security controls and administration tools designed to keep your data protected whether it contained on a device or in the cloud. Some examples are:

  • Mobile device management, with the capability to remotely reset and/or block the device
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Google Drive
  • S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) for Gmail
  • 2-Step Verification
  • Data loss, SPAM, and malware detection

While Google has designed G Suite to leverage the ease of use associated with their consumer level version products, make no mistake, G Suite is a powerful and versatile product... one that, with a little know-how and vision, can be taken to the next level,

Contact us today to learn how Directive can tease all of the potential out of G Suite and put it to use for your business. When used in combination with our offered services, we can incorporate G Suite into your infrastructure and recruit Google itself as a partner for your organization’s growth.