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Network Monitoring & Management, Support & Maintenance

Our Managed Network Care service addresses your business pain with enterprise-level solutions designed for small and medium organizational needs; eliminating downtime, managing vendors, and keeping your mission-critical business technologies running smoothly at a flat rate.

Proactive Managed IT

NOCOLOGY's Network Care is the foundation of our Managed IT Services. Network Care works in concert with your existing IT Department/Service Provider, on its own, or with our other Flat-Rate IT Care Plans.

Our Network Monitoring Service promptly alerts us when there is a problem within your infrastructure. We know about the issue even before you do, and begin troubleshooting immediately.

To keep your network secure, safe, and efficient, our NOCOLOGY platform provides antivirus protection for your network and gives our skilled service technicians remote access to resolve issues before they cost you time and money. Your network policies will be evaluated and tested to ensure internal security protocols.

Combined with our Server Care plan, our Desktop & User Care plan, and our bullet-proof NOCOLOGY Disaster Recovery Device, your IT infrastructure will be completely managed with support that rivals that of large enterprise corporations; priced for small businesses. Contact us today to get started.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Remote & On-Site Support from 8:30am - 5:30pm

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Support

  • Active Directory Administration & Maintenance

  • File, Folder, & Share Administration

  • Security Administration

  • Network Policy Enforcement & Administration

  • Managed Anti-Virus Protection

  • Comprehensive 360 degree view of your IT via the NOCOLOGY Client Portal


  • Budgeted costs with Flat-Rate IT, no surprises

  • Enterprise-Level Care

  • Proactive maintenance resulting in significantly increased up-time

  • Reduction of operational costs - increased profits

  • Increased employee productivity by re-focusing efforts on your business instead of your IT

  • Confidence in your IT infrastucture

  • Combined with NDR (NOCOLOGY Disaster Recovery) and Server Disaster Assurance, Directive provides GUARANTEED SERVER RECOVERY!

Eliminate Downtime

Downtime is Costly

When your network is down, your costs go up. You pay employees for minimal or no productivity, you lose time, you lose sales and you have to pay to have the issue resolved--all at the same time! NOCOLOGY's Network Care is designed to proactively monitor the critical health status of network devices and Line of Business Applications. When devices or applications fail, the issue, the devices, the application and hardware vendors are managed to full resolution. To further bullet-proof your IT Infrastructure, reduce the amount of spyware and malware that enters your network with a Content Filtering System, and protect your invaluable data with NOCOLOGY Disaster Recovery Device, reducing downtime in the event of a server failure.

Dedicated Account Manager

Virtual CIO

You will be assigned a dedicated Solutions Integrator who will manage your account. Solutions Integrators are responsible for your complete satisfaction with our services. They are tireless, dedicated and experienced IT professionals who take your organization and goals seriously. They fulfill a comprehensive list of duties and roles in the management of your IT including, but not limited to:

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Alignment of IT with core business objectives
  • Monthly/Quarterly Meetings
  • Budget Creation, Management and Review
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Complete Lifecycle Management
  • Platform and Software Recommendations and Configuration Support
  • Warranty and Vendor Agreement Tracking and Management
  • Project Planning
  • Staff Outsourcing (Our Staff, your business cards, we can represent your company as your staff)

Flat-Rate IT

Flat-Rate Advantage

Gone are days of being 'nickel and dimed' for each device on your network. The NOCOLOGY Flat Rate IT Service covers:

  • Printers and Scanners

  • Routers, Firewalls, and Switches

  • UPS Devices

  • Wireless Network

  • 24/7/365 Backup Monitoring, Management and Remediation

  • Mobile Phones (requires Desktop/User Care)

You'll know your IT service costs in advance, making it easier to budget month-to-month, with no surprises. In fact, most clients who have made the switch from the 'old-world' inefficient break/fix model of IT repair and maintenance, to the new Flat-Rate Managed IT philosophy, average a lower monthly cost.