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Phishing Simulation - Train Your Staff and Prevent Threats

Test and Educate Your Employees to Prevent Data/Identity Theft

It was found that 92% of malware is delivered by email, according to a recent cybersecurity study by Verizon. Cybercriminals are utilizing very convincing tactics to steal sensitive information and gain access to your data through cleverly targeted phishing attacks.

These attacks are often disguised to look like urgent requests, and look like legitimate emails. The emails will look like official emails from your bank, your vendors, or even from within your own company.

Your business can have a firewall and spam protection, but sometimes these threats slip through even the most high-end security tools. Your last line of defense is to educate your staff.

We Simulate a Real Phishing Attack to See How Your Employees Perform

Directive can simulate a convincing, discrete phishing attack across your company to see which employees fall for it, which employees ignore it, and which employees report it.

When an employee fails the simulation, your sensitive data is still safe, but we kick off a series of training resources to help educate them on how to spot a phishing attack in the future.