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Managed Hosting - Powerful, Secure and Scalable Website Hosting with Managed CMS and More

What good is a powerful, feature-rich website without powerful, feature-rich hosting to keep it up and running? Host your site on Directive's Managed Cloud Hosting and get much more than just a place to keep your domain and website. Stemming from our proactive Managed IT business model, our hosting packages ensure that your site is fast, live, and up-to-date.

Flexible, Scalable Managed Hosting

Hosting isn't 'one size fits all'. We provide the technology, scalability, and stability you need to run a world-class website that can handle traffic spikes and keep responding with the blazing speed you expect of it.

Directive has partnered with the world leaders in hosting to ensure that you have Enterprise-Level hosting combined with Directive's Managed Services philosophies; we know that downtime is unacceptable. Most of our Managed Hosting Protocols are completely invisible to you, as your cluster is kept up-to-date and patched system-wide.

Whether you need a fast, up-to-date host capable of powering your secure CMS solution, or a redundant online file storage, Directive's preventative managed philosophy will ensure that you have absolutely minimal downtime.

Key Features:

  • Fast, Enterprise-Level Hosting

  • Web/POP/IMAP E-mail Accounts

  • Basic Spam Protection

  • Storage and Bandwidth scalability

  • Cloud Cluster Maintenance

Cloud Hosting

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is where files and applications are stored and run on many servers at once. Instead of having one dedicated server storing your files and hosting your website, there are dozens or even hundreds of computers distributing the information at once. The first benefit is redundancy. If one piece of the cluster goes down, the others take over. Secondly, you benefit from scalability. Advanced software manages the resources used to deliver your site's content. If more resources are suddenly needed (for example, if your site gets a massive traffic surge from a link on a popular website) the Cloud will readjust and offer the resources needed to keep your site online. If needed, your site can scale to thousands of servers to keep up with traffic. There is virtually no limit to how far the system can expand for you. While we do offer dedicated servers for clients with specialized needs, our Managed Cloud Hosting boasts both Linux and Microsoft platforms, with up-to-date OS, PHP, ASP and CGI/PERL scripting. Cloud Hosting isn't just for websites either. You can host company files and documents on the Cloud securely and know that you always have access to them from any web browser. If you're interested in cloud file storage, feel free to contact us.

Managed CMS

Empowering Your Company and Staff to Update Your Website

At Directive, we've stepped away from static HTML sites that require expensive desktop editors to update. For more than two years, we've been working almost exclusively with a handful of great content management systems that give our clients the power to effectively update their sites. We love the CMS applications we work with, but with so many robust features and capabilities, patches and security updates are constantly in development to keep the system secure. With our Managed Cloud Hosting plan, we run through the list of applications and components running on your site, and check for and apply any security patches monthly. Our Web Design Team stays up-to-date with the most popular components so when a major security patch comes out for your CMS, it is applied as soon as possible.

Nightly backups are created just in case, and kept for 3 days, as well as complete monthly backups of your CMS database. We also offer Backup-On-Demand; if you update your site and want your work backed up, simply give us a call and we'll take care of it.

Application Hosting

Web 2.0 Application Hosting

We've handpicked our hosting solutions to support the widest variety of web based platforms, including our favorite content management systems, blogging apps, social media backends and mashups, and more. We can develop custom features to precisely suit your needs within many different platforms.