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Email Encryption


Email Encryption Services - Protect your Email Communications

Email encryption is an important piece of the security puzzle when it comes to ensuring privacy and complying with industry regulations. Transmitting information through the internet can be dangerous. Information can be intercepted and end up in the wrong hands, leading to regulatory fines, negative PR, a loss of company intellectual property, lawsuits, and more for your business.

Ensure that your company’s email communication is in good shape with NOCOLOGY Email Encryption.

Why Protect your Emails

Email encryption involves encrypting, or disguising, the content of email messages in order to protect potentially sensitive information from being read by anyone other than intended recipients.

Sensitive information is flowing through your business’ inbox all the time. From SSNs to credit card numbers, a plethora of information is transmitted to and from your inbox either within the body of your email or through attachments. All of this information being shared puts your business at risk.

In 2017 alone, over 2.5 billion data breaches were publicly disclosed, up 86% from 2016. The cost of data breach can be monumentally high for companies, and is something you want to avoid dealing with if at all possible.

NOCOLOGY’s Email Encryption can help keep your data safe. Using three different options of encryption, it will ensure that every type of sensitive information that enters or leaves your inbox is safe.

Policy-Based Email Encryption

Directive’s email encryption service offers the ability for a you to encrypt outbound emails based on content, sender, and recipient. The full content scanning of messages and attachments enables your business to comply with industry regulations by automatically encrypting, rerouting, or block email messages containing financial (GLBA), healthcare (HIPAA), PHI, PII and profanity content. A company’s sender can also trigger an email to be encrypted as well as encrypting all emails destined for specific recipient email domains and email addresses.

How it Works

NOCOLOGY’s Email Encryption works seamlessly inbox to inbox. Depending on the type of message, it will be encrypted in one of three ways:

  • Mark as Confidential: Messages can be marked as confidential of any message in Outlook by going to ‘More Options’ under the Options menu.
  • Force Phrase Keyword: Predetermined phrases can be configured that will encrypt any email with that phrase in the subject line.
  • Encryption Policy Tripping: Those with administrative access can configure policies that can detect personal information, such as social security numbers. That information will be detected and encrypted when found in the body of an email.