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CMS Integration - Update Your Own Website Easily with a Content Management System

Have you ever been reluctant to share your website because the content is out-of-date?  Paying a web design team for content updates can be costly. Can't website updates be easy enough for anyone to do? With Directive, they can!

All Shapes, All Sizes

Directive has been developing and designing websites for well over a decade. From the artwork and graphics, to the copy writing and programming that brings it all together. It's a labor of love and with every new launch, our tools get sharper, and our designs get sleeker. After years of research and experimentation, we've moved away from developing static HTML sites that are little more than online brochures. Today, we utilize the leading Content Management Systems (CMS) to power the site, giving our clients the capability to update their own content.

Whereas other companies create static HTML sites that offer you little or no control, Directive's extensive experience with CMS platforms like Joomla! enable us to create dynamic sites that put the authoring powers in your hands.  Whether you need a small informational site, a customized blog, an e-commerce site, or a massive lead-generating social network site, one of our preferred CMS platforms is right for you.

What Content Management Can Do for You

CMS allow you to log into your site from any web browser to create and edit pages. You can manage users, granting your staff the power to revise site content, upload images, and keep your site up to date.

We use the most widely supported CMS platforms, which open our clients up to thousands of supported plug-in components, ranging from e-commerce, event lists, social networking integration, and much more. If a component cannot fulfill your needs, our development team can build exactly what you need from the ground up, and plug it into the CMS.


  • Easy to use, easy to manage; if you can use MS Word, you can update your site

  • Extremely flexible component-based system

  • Social Networking and Social Media Integration

  • Unlimited page creation

  • Transforms your static website into a dynamic, living, breathing marketing system