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Access Control - Virtual and Physical Security Solutions

Managing Employee Access Improves Efficiency and Security
Comprehensive BYOD

It’s easy to look at access control as a means of keeping people out of certain areas and away from specific documents. What it really is, is a way to completely support all of your organizational efforts by ensuring that resources are available to those who need them to an appropriate degree.

We offer robust, reliable access control systems that not only make use of cutting-edge technology to keep your business secure, but also set up your business for the security it is looking to achieve. Known for our proactive approach to technology management, our technicians spend a lot of time and effort attempting to keep a business’ IT secure from a constantly growing number of threats, digital and physical alike.

One of the most pressing threats is the theft of products, data, and documentation, often in some physical format. An access control system works to mitigate these types of threats by using technology to control the flow of traffic in parts of the business, ensuring that only those who should are granted permission to access them.

Every Business Has Gone Mobile

Solutions for the Growing Importance of Mobile

Mobile is increasingly becoming one of the more important parts of your business’ day-to-day operations. Today, it is the predominant way people compute, communicate, and share their experiences. A vast majority of your employees—if not all of them—have smartphones that they are completely addicted to. Once businesses caught on that these devices were a huge hit to productivity, they started implementing rules that limited employee use of these devices. Employees promptly started to find new jobs. It quickly became apparent that they needed to find a way to incorporate these new appendages into their business plan.

With the massive growth in the use of mobile computing over time, you have unfortunately begun to see more and more attacks specifically targeting mobile computing devices. This means that you need to turn some of the attention to securing these endpoints. Not doing this can have dire consequences for your business. 

How Access Control Works

Keeping Your Assets and Workplace Secure Is a Big Deal

An access control system works by identifying users through a digital footprint. This can be a PIN, a password, or some other form of identification. Once authenticated, users are privy to the resources they are authorized to access. 

If someone isn’t confirmed to have the authorization they need, they aren’t granted this access, keeping your resources more secure.

Customized Access Control Strategies

Your Access Control System Is Customized to Fit Your Specific Needs

Every business is looking for affordable solutions that will solve their operational problems. In the case of user access, the main problem is how to get a system that is simple to set up and update while also being reliably secure over time. We start an access control system integration by getting all the information about how your organization is going to use the system and how it will be used. Our team of technology professionals will then customize your solution to meet those specific requirements.

The access control system that is right for your business may not be one that comes right out of the box. Whether your organization is looking for a simple system to secure your workplace or you are looking to integrate an advanced biometric system to secure your most important assets, our skilled technicians can provide a scalable, cloud-based, and easy-to-use system that will meet all of your security and reporting requirements.

If you are interested in moving away from the ol’ lock and key and getting the comprehensive access control system that meets your organization’s needs, give us a call today at 607.433.2200.