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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Access Control

Multi-Factor Authentication

Passwords have always been seen as the cybersecurity control: so long as you have a good enough one, whatever it is protecting can be considered safe. This is unfortunately no longer the case. With cyberattacks on the rise—not to mention the improvements that so many of them have seen—today’s businesses need a better, more effective option for protecting their networks and data.

Double Down on Your Network Security with MFA

Multi-factor authentication is that better, more effective option.

By embracing the tenets of zero-trust, MFA largely ensures that the only people able to access your network resources are those who are authorized to do so.

How does MFA work?

We’re all familiar with the usernames and passwords that are required for the vast majority of online accounts. This combination takes an identifier—the username—and confirms it by checking it against a form of authentication—the password.

With MFA, multiple factors of authentication are required, adding extra layers of security. In addition to the username and password, at least one alternative method of identity verification is required. This method could take any of a variety of shapes:

  • Something you know, like a password or personal identification number.
  • Something you have, like a one-time authorization code generated through an application or provided via text or telephone call.
  • Something you are, or some form of biometric identification like a fingerprint or voice pattern.

We can help you take this process and make it as seamless as possible for your team members to access their tools, without sacrificing the security that your business needs. Our MFA solutions are effective, while remaining user-friendly,

Is MFA really necessary?

In a word: yes. Another word that would work well: absolutely. Every member of your team needs to have access to MFA—and with the scalability and ease of use that modern MFA tools offer, there is no reason not to.

Is MFA foolproof? No… but it’s far, far better than just relying on the username/password combination, and we can help you make use of it to the fullest. 

What if my employees are resistant to this?

Of course, it is understandable that your team may not be thrilled with the idea of adding an app to their personal device that is strictly for work purposes. They are certainly going to have a few questions.

That’s why we’ve put together a brief collection of questions they are likely to ask, as well as the answers we recommend you give them. Complete the form on this page for your copy of Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA) Frequently Asked Questions and to have our team contact you.