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Search Engine Optimization - Raise your Ranks on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Get Better Traffic

Directive Services Search Engine Optimization

You've got a fantastic website. You've invested time and money into building a web resource for your business or organization. You have top-notch hosting, a catchy domain name, and a user-friendly design. However, when potential clients search for your products and services on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other popular search engines, your site is nowhere to be found, buried by other competing sites in the search results. It's time you give your site the rank it deserves.


The Internet is a powerful marketing tool, and you've already taken the giant step for your organization by giving yourself a web presence. Far too many businesses invest in a website and don't get the traffic they were hoping for. If you build it, it doesn't necessarily mean they will come.

To experience the value of your website, potential customers need to be able to find it. With the ever increasing popularity of search engines, web surfers rely on them to find exactly what they are looking for. If your site isn't property optimized, odds are you aren't getting all the traffic as you should.

Beyond Search Engine Optimization, Directive also coordinates effective marketing techniques into our SEO service to generate quality traffic.  Getting 20,000 so-so visitors isn't nearly as beneficial as having 1,000 quality visitors.  We customize your SEARCH plan for your organization's products, services, company culture, market demographics and budget.

Key Features:

  • Gradual, White Hat SEO Practices Complying with All Major Search Engines

  • Keyword Strategies

  • HTML and Content Optimization

  • Monthly Reports

  • Optional Social Network Integration and Management