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Search Engine Optimization - Raise your Ranks on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Get Better Traffic

You've got a fantastic website. You've invested time and money into building a web resource for your business or organization. You have top-notch hosting, a catchy domain name, and a user-friendly design. However, when potential clients search for your products and services on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other popular search engines, your site is nowhere to be found, buried by other competing sites in the search results. It's time you give your site the rank it deserves.


The Internet is a powerful marketing tool, and you've already taken the giant step for your organization by giving yourself a web presence. Far too many businesses invest in a website and don't get the traffic they were hoping for. If you build it, it doesn't necessarily mean they will come.

To experience the value of your website, potential customers need to be able to find it. With the ever increasing popularity of search engines, web surfers rely on them to find exactly what they are looking for. If your site isn't property optimized, odds are you aren't getting all the traffic as you should.

Beyond Search Engine Optimization, Directive also coordinates effective marketing techniques into our SEO service to generate quality traffic.  Getting 20,000 so-so visitors isn't nearly as beneficial as having 1,000 quality visitors.  We customize your SEARCH plan for your organization's products, services, company culture, market demographics and budget.

Key Features:

  • Gradual, White Hat SEO Practices Complying with All Major Search Engines

  • Keyword Strategies

  • HTML and Content Optimization

  • Monthly Reports

  • Optional Social Network Integration and Management

Monthly Reporting

Proactive Monthly Maintenance, Research and Suggestions, and Measurable Progress Reports

Search Engines are smart. They know that webmasters are constantly trying to 'one-up' them, so they adjust their algorithms accordingly. Google, the leading search engine, adjusts their algorithm more than daily. The Directive SEARCH Team is always researching the latest SEO trends to stay ahead of the game to give your site the advantage over the competition. Along with the monthly research and optimization, you will benefit from:

  • Submission to search engines and related databases, and validity proofing with popular search engines utilizing our webmaster tools

  • Competition Analysis; assessing your competition's strengths and weaknesses on the search results

  • Monthly page rank reporting, detailing trends, standings, traffic reporting and statistics

  • Monthly assessments of potential web-based marketing projects designed to make your company 'climb the ranks' and stay there

  • Optional Social Network Marketing Setup and Training


Keyword and Marketing

A large part of Directive's SEARCH Service revolves around your business trends, combined with that of your target audience and web trends. We do the research to predict what visitors will be searching when they want to find your site. We focus on the most relevant keywords and phrases and optimize the written content on your site. Our SEO tactics are custom-tailored for your business structure; and our strategy is flexible enough to adapt to constantly evolving marketing trends.

HTML Code and Content Optimization

Your website may look gorgeous on the outside, but it could be a different story with the source code. Some web designers take shortcuts that involves skimping out on tags and SEO optimization. Search Engines crawl your site, reading all of this additional data to get a better idea about your site. If the information isn't accurate or doesn't exist, it can penalize your site's rankings. We keep this metadata up-to-date for you, and your site's content and keyword saturation is adjusted to match the latest SEO trends.

We use a wide variety of tools and resources to ensure that we provide the best possible service for our SEARCH clients. Our SEARCH is dedicated and proactive, researching and staying up to date with the latest changes and technology trends so that your organization gets the most out of Directive.

White Hat

White Hat vs. Black Hat

One of the most important practices with Search Engine Optimization is strictly abiding by White Hat SEO. What does that mean? White Hat SEO is based on gradual, user-friendly, honest methods used to increase your rank on the search engines and draw in more traffic. Black Hat SEO, however, uses fast, shady methods that trick the Search Engines into ranking your page higher. Doorway pages, link farms, spamming, and excessive linking are all common Black Hat tools. Search Engines, especially Google, Yahoo, and Bing frown upon Black Hat methods, and are very willing to bar your site from the results list completely if they catch you.

White Hat methods generally optimize in a way that even benefits the reader, with content that makes sense, as opposed to content that tries to force in your keywords as many times as possible. With S.E.A.R.C.H., a major portion of our time is spend weighing and optimizing your written content, and we only practice White Hat SEO.

Directive vs. Other SEO Companies

Some companies out there guarantee the #1 rank on Google for tens of thousands of dollars. However, Directive knows that this Black Hat strategy will compromise your site's long-term postition. Even worse, Black Hat methods used to get you there by other companies can get you penalized or even banned from Search Engines, who have very strict policies when it comes to webmasters trying to trick their system! In the SEO world, slow, steady, and persistent wins the race.