Don’t Let Cybersecurity Awareness Month Catch You Unaware

Cybersecurity Awareness

Take the opportunity to prepare your business and team to prevent cyberattacks.

Hopefully, you don’t need to hear how important it is that you have sufficient cybersecurity protections in place. Recent and current events have made these kinds of needs crystal clear. However, it may not be quite as clear what needs to be done to maintain these protections—although this is the most pertinent information for you to understand.

We’d like to offer our assistance in helping you to manage your cybersecurity preparations, as well as offer you a few tips to make it all the better. Our team of professionals understands the practices needed to keep your business safe and can help you to enact them.

Are You Protected Against the Wide Variety of Risks and Threats Your Business Will Likely Face?

Working with us will put you in a better position to fend off the kind of attacks that will likely darken your doors. We’ll help you maintain an assortment of necessary defenses and practices that will ultimately leave your business more secure, including:

Complete Network and Endpoint Security

It isn’t enough that your network is secured…you need to make sure that the same can be said of the devices that connect to it, whether those devices are being used in-house or remotely. By implementing a variety of security measures, like access control and unified threat management appliances, and monitoring it all 24/7, we’ll be in the ideal position to spot and resolve threats before they impact your business processes.

Cybersecurity Testing and Training

Considering that we began our discussion with Cybersecurity Awareness month, it only seems fitting that we mention the importance of preparing your staff to properly handle suspected cyberattacks (not to mention fostering their ability to spot them). Your team can easily be one of your greatest cybersecurity assets, but only if they are prepared to be. We’re here to help you prepare them.

Compliance Requirements

Some industries, due to the nature of the work done and the data that is produced and utilized, are beholden to extra requirements set in place by industry groups or governing bodies, particularly in terms of their security. Our team is well-versed in these requirements and can ensure that your business’ infrastructure meets them all.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month or Not, You Need to Be Aware of Your Cybersecurity

We’re here to assist you with these preparations. Find out more about our services by calling 607.433.2200, or fill out the form so we know to reach out to you!