Using a Business Card to Stand Out Against Competitors

Best Practices to Create Your Best Business Card

Despite what you might think, there are many benefits of having a business card and it is still a marketing tool that can bring your business many leads and help keep you top of mind. 

That’s why it’s extremely important that yours is designed in a way that stands out to the recipient. 

What Can a Business Card Do for Your Business?

A business card can do something that other, more modern, marketing efforts like a website can't—and that’s continuing to “touch” your leads and prospects long after the initial contact. 

If the first point of contact for a lead is your website, you’ll only have their attention for however long they stay on your website. Once they leave, that’s it, they’re gone and there’s a very real chance that they may never return to your website again.

A business card will keep your leads and prospects interacting with your business longer; giving them a tangible reminder of your business and what you can do for them. Every time they glance at your business card, you're reminding them to go check your business and services out later.

Find out What Other Best Practices You Need to Know to Design Your Own Business Card

Inside our Best Practices to Create Your Best Business Card white paper you’ll see some of the history behind business cards and other useful information that you should spend some time considering when trying to design your own, like:

  • Material and Shape
  • Content
  • Design
  • Your Audience
  • Your Company Culture
  • Production and Price

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