Meet Directive Campaign Managed Services


Your employees work for you - how about your technology?


Directive’s Managed IT can reduce downtime, increase profitability, and make your technology work for you.


You have technology for the same reason you have employees, to help perform tasks that assist your company increase productivity and efficiency of your operations. When your IT goes down, you lose a valuable “employee”. In your efforts to resolve the issue, your focus is pulled away from your other responsibilities, resulting in excess downtime.

Fortunately, Directive’s Managed IT can help prevent your IT from “calling in sick”.

The Benefits of Managed IT and 24/7 Monitoring Services:

End-To-End IT Management and Monitoring - If you can’t detect your IT issues, you cannot prevent them. Directive’s’ proactive IT Monitoring and Maintenance works to keep downtime from happening - and if there is ever a tech-related issue, our experienced support staff will be there to assist your users, allowing your business to stay productive.

How Flat-Rate Support can Help You:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could budget your IT expenses with confidence, and be able to turn your attention to other issues? With Directive’s’ flat-rate support, you and your employees can call as needed - without increasing your monthly IT expenses, thus allowing you to save money as your issues are resolved.

Already Have Internal IT? Supplement It:

Perhaps you already have an internal technical department or an IT wiz on your payroll, handling the daily issues that pop up as you do business. Directive is in no way looking to replace what you have, we would much rather provide them with assistance as needed. Your current staff will be able to take on other responsibilities as we handle the leg work, to ensure the rest of your company functions smoothly.

Complete the form to enlist Directive as the personal monitor for your technology - to provide your business with 24/7/365 support, or you can call (607) 341-4518.