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Phishing Email Red Flags Handout

Educate Your Staff on How to Catch Phishing Attacks

When our NOC (Network Operations Center) started to notice a large amount of targeted phishing attacks had set their sights on Upstate New York small businesses, we quickly started to put together programs and resources to help protect the clients that we manage.

Due to the nature of phishing attacks, having a good firewall and spam protection can help, but your last line of defense is your employees. Educating them on how to spot a phishing attack is critical to protect your business from malware, identity theft, and data loss.

Download and Print Out This Phishing Resource

Fill out the form to download our free Phishing Email Red Flags Handout. Print it out and post it around your office, distribute it to your employees, and help them understand the importance of cybersecurity.

We hope this helps, but if you need any assistance with your IT security, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at 607.433.2200.

We’ve also added an option to the form to get a discrete Phishing Simulation test for your entire staff.