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Your Customers

Without your customers, where would you be? Knowing who you're marketing to and what they're looking for in a solution provider is critical for your business.

You may want to reference your Sales by Customer Summary Report.

  • First Name
  • Are there any groups or networks that your target audience may belong to? *
  • What were some of the common needs/pain points that your current customers were faced with when they came to you for a solution? *
  • Why do they buy from you? What is it that you offer? *
  • Is there a vertical/industry you prefer not to target? *
  • Are you looking to expand your coverage area? If, yes, how far are you willing to travel? *
  • Do you have any additional requirements for a customer? *
  • Do you preform exit interviews in the event of a lost customer? *
  • Do you advertise to a specific marketing group/company type? i.e. Dental Offices, Non-Profits, Government *
  • Are you open to targeting former/lost clients? *