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Marketing Plan Worksheets and Questionnaires

We've broken the questionnaire into 7 sections. You can download the question list here if you'd like to prepare in advance and complete all the steps at once.

We have created several worksheets you should complete before starting the questionnaire. 

Please upload the completed sheets to us before proceeding to Step 2.

Complete Set of Step 1 Worksheets (.zip)

Download Worksheets Individually (.pdf)
[SWOT Analysis Chart]
[Ideal Customer Profile Charts 1 & 2]
[Direct Competition Worksheet]
[Personal Celebrations] (Optional)

When complete use the section below to send us your completed worksheets.

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  • Upload all worksheets at once as a ZIP
  • or upload each sheet individually
  • Upload SWOT
  • Upload Ideal Customer Sheets
  • Upload Direct Competition Worksheet
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        After you upload your sheets, you will be taken to STEP 2.