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Your Current Marketing

This is the final step in the questionnaire.

Take a few moments to answer some general questions about your current marketing efforts.

The first question we are going to ask is about your budget for marketing.

According to the SBA, businesses who earn less than $5 million in revenue should spend between 7-8% of their revenue toward their marketing budget. (sba.gov)

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  • How many of your employees have some part in your marketing efforts? *
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  • Are you a Chamber of Commerce member?
  • What is your chapter’s name?
  • Do you have any other affiliations or memberships?
  • What, if any, marketing campaigns has your company run in the past?
  • List any current/ongoing marketing initiatives. What marketing strategies do you currently employ?
  • What are your marketing strengths? *
  • What are your marketing weaknesses? *
  • What role does your website currently play in your marketing strategy?
  • Are you actively participating in the updating of your website? *
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  • In what ways do you try to drive traffic from social media to your website? *
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  • What processes do you have in place to track and measure your marketing efforts? *
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