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Remove a User Request

To request a user be removed from your network please use the online form below. If you have any questions or need assistance with requesting the new user, please contact us at 607.433.2200

  • Your Name
  • Your Business Email
  • General information

  • Name of employee who is/are leaving: *
  • Date access will be terminated: *
  • Specific Time?
  • Email Account Options
  • Should their email be forwarded? *
  • If yes to email forwarding, who should forwarded emails be sent to?
  • If yes to a shared mailbox, who should have access to it?
  • How long should this users email be forwarded?
  • User Document(s) Options
  • Does anyone need access to their documents?
  • If yes, whom?
  • Other security issues

  • Did/does the departing employee have company data stored on any personal devices (laptop, phone, USB key, home computer)? Describe
  • Did/does the employee have access or passwords for any other accounts at the company (servers, other user accounts)? Describe:
  • Did the outgoing employee ever have access to the internal systems via remote access (please note we will be checking anyway):
  • Anything else we should know? *
  • Do you have a custom New/Change User form? You can upload it here: