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You are ready to begin your onboarding transition to Directive.

The Kick-Off Workbook is designed to help with the gathering of needed information during this transition. You can complete the worksheets online using the links below or download a printable version to complete offline. Completed worksheets can be returned by emailing them to info@directive.com

If you have any questions as you answer the questions in this workbook do not hesitate to contact us.

The Onboarding Process

During this process, you will be notified of the progress and any issues that arise. Our goal is to bring your current infrastructure up to date, resolve any current risk factors, and target inefficiencies your organization may be struggling with.  During the transition, you and your employees will be trained and we will provide continued customer support and training support for these any changes. 

1. Company Information

2. Office Hours

3. Holiday Information

4. Access & Security Information

5. User List

6. Password Information

7. Vendor Information

8. IT Policies