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Sophos XGS Series firewalls combine the best of two worlds: the flexibility of a high-performance, multi-core CPU for deep-packet inspection, plus the performance benefits of a dedicated Xstream Flow Processor for intelligent application acceleration.

XGS Series Next-Gen Firewall Appliances | SMB and Branch Office: Desktop Models
Customers looking for an all-in-one network security solution will appreciate the seamless connectivity options available for our desktop appliances. With the modularity that smaller businesses, retail outlets, and branch offices need to grow and adapt to changing circumstances, they offer the perfect balance between price and performance. All desktop models are optionally available with built-in Wi-Fi.

All models are powered by a high-speed CPU plus a dedicated Xstream Flow Processor for hardware acceleration.

Select a size that fits your home or business network.

  • The XGS 87 firewalls are rated for 1-10 users, 3.7 Gbps firewall throughput, and 375 Mbps VPN throughput.
  • The XGS 107 firewalls are rated for 11-25 users, 7 Gbps firewall throughput, and 420 Mbps VPN throughput.
  • The XGS 116 firewalls are rated for 26-50 users, 7.7 Gbps firewall throughput, and 650 Mbps VPN throughput.
  • The XGS 126 firewalls are rated for 50-100 users, 10.5 Gbps firewall throughput, and 800 Mbps VPN throughput.
  • The XGS 136 firewalls are rated for 100-200 users, 11.5 Gbps firewall throughput, and 950 Mbps VPN throughput.

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