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Directive has been serving the Oneonta area since 1993, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

3 Vendor Aspects We will Manage for You!

b2ap3_thumbnail_VendorManagement400.jpgManaging your business is demanding. Staying on top of your employees, your inventory, shipments, payroll, and a hundred other things can be draining to say the least. The last thing you need is to add to your leadership burden. Let us manage your technology vendors for you! Our vendor management service will relieve you from these three management stresses.

Deadline Management
When you arrange for your broken technology to be fixed, you do so by implementing a deadline that you expect the repair-person to meet. Deadlines are one of the more stressful aspects of management because many of your plans revolve around these deadlines being met as promised. If a technology vendor is late with a repair, then the projects that you had lined up to use with the fixed equipment, they will all now be late. You trust Directive to meet the deadlines you set. Let us arrange technology fixes for you and communicate to our trusted vendors your goals and expectations so that everything will come in on time.

Performance Management
The best employees are the ones that you don't have to manage; this same quality applies to vendors that you outsource projects to. This level of service has to be proven, it does not happen on the first day of the job. If this is the first job that you are working with a new technology vendor on, then you will have to keep an eye on them in order to make sure their performance levels meet your expectations. These friendly check-ins take time out of your day and can make a vendor feel untrusted. If you are satisfied with the performance of Directive, then you will be satisfied with the performance of the vendors we arrange, and you won't have to micromanage them in order to know for sure.

Affected Systems Management
As an end user, you may be ready to outsource a technology repair based on something that you perceive as broken. Technology and your IT infrastructure can be a complicated beast. If you don't have a solid understanding of how your systems interact, then you run the risk of arranging a fix for something that is not broken. One example of this is to call in a repair for what you perceive as a broken printer, when the problem may actually be with the software. It can be embarrassing for the vendor to show up, look at what's broke, and then give you the line, "it's not my problem." With Directive arranging the fix, you can rest assured that we will have a technical understanding of the problem, which will allow us to set up the right people to work on the right problem.

You have enough stresses on your plate with running your business. Don't add more stress by having to figure out what's wrong, arrange for a fix, and then stay on top of the progress to make sure your deadline is met. These are just a few ways that Directive manages trusted IT vendors on your behalf. To learn more, call us at 607.433.2200.