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Directive has been serving the Oneonta area since 1993, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

How the Proactive Approach to IT Management Saves You Time and Money

So, you’ve just finished up a huge, potentially career-altering project. Your finger is poised over the mouse, ready to click ‘save,’ when suddenly your entire project disappears. Turns out, a critical issue just killed your network, your progress, and your mood. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to keep this from happening?

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How VoIP Can Enhance Your Company’s Budget and Operations

Chances are that you’re fed up with your in-house telephone network. It may have once been necessary to communicate with your employees and your clients by using a landline, but the modern office has since moved toward a more digital alternative in the form of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony.

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IT Support Horror Stories

Everyone here at Directive would like to wish our clients a happy and safe Halloween! We'd like to share a couple computer and tech support horror stories to set today's spooky mood!  Get out your flashlights and gather around the campfire for these chilling tales that could happen to any small business.

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No New Clients? Catching Our Breath

What a weird post this is going to be. We've recently launched a software application called JoomConnect. It's been having some great success. It's in part responsible for bringing a lot of work to our small company bringing our staff from 9 to 17 strong in a very short time (7 of them in 60 days). It's been awesome and we've been training and getting everyone up to speed. We have been super impressed with the new members of our team and we'll be introducing them shortly (soon as we can catch our breath).


We are working for some of the industry greats, like ConnectWise, HTG Peer Groups and many incredible IT/MSP Partners that have adopted JoomConnect for use in their businesses as well as our awesome local clientele.


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10 New Year Resolutions

We grew a lot in 2009.  This is a great thing but it has also exposed a lot about our company that we want to improve on. It's pretty obvious what we need to work on to support the growth we expect in 2010 and beyond.


While this isn't a complete list, here are 10 of the things we are going to focus and improve on this year. They are in no particular order:

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