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Fleksy Cures the Woes of Typing with Fat Fingers

b2ap3_thumbnail_flesky.jpgYou can do almost anything with a smartphone, except type a quick and accurate text message on a four inch screen. Even the best typist struggles with hitting the correct keys on a digital keyboard, and it doesn't help if you have a little extra mass on your fingers. A new app called Fleksy promises to cure the woes of smartphone typing.

Fleksy is a free app that has been reviewed as the most accurate typing assistant app on the market. It works like the autocorrect feature that comes with your smartphone, only Fleksy actually works. One reason Fleksy is so accurate with its autocomplete is because it comes with a 40,000-word dictionary. Fleksy also analyzes the context of your message with an algorithm to help ensure the word it selects will be accurate; and the more messages you type with Fleksy, the more accurate it can predict your unique writing style.

As frustrating as it is to type the wrong word, according to a 2012 study from Nokia, typing with a QWERTY layout is still preferred over dictation by 83% of users, and only 8% of users preferred dictation. Fleksy does have a helpful audible playback feature that will playback what you type as you're typing. This playback feature was originally designed to assist blind and visually impaired people with smartphone usage, and has since been expanded with new features that will assist any smartphone user.

Fleksy is more than an app designed to make texting less frustrating, it has been proven to dramatically improve the speed and accuracy by which you can write a text message. Many users have commented that, with Fleksy, they can type more than 20 extra words per minute. At the end of the day this will save many people many minutes, which can really add up when multiplied by millions of users, thus making the world more productive.

Fleksy is now in beta testing for Android phones. It's a free download, but Fleksy can only be signed up through your Google+ account, and it will only work as your default keyboard. Syntellia, the developers behind Fleksy, are looking to use the information from this phase of testing to improve their product and eventually have their app preloaded on new smartphones.

To find out more about Fleksy, and to sign up as a beta tester, you can check out their website at fleksy.com. Fleksy looks to be a great texting solution for any smartphone user, no matter how big or small your hands are. Do you think Fleksy is worth trying out, or have you found another texting solution that works great for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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Tuesday, May 24 2022

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