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Why Otsego County Businesses Should Replace their Phone System with VoIP

Why Otsego County Businesses Should Replace their Phone System with VoIP

Considering how essential telephone services are for just about any organization, it’s surprising how limited—and expensive— telephone service providers here in Otsego County are. Between the lack of support and, again, the costs that are involved, they’ve dropped the ball…and yet, they still expect businesses to play.

Not only do businesses here in Otsego County deserve better, better options are available.

Here’s the thing; if you’ve been relying on local phone providers, and you are dealing with dropped calls, expensive bills, and outdated technologies, you aren’t alone. Most of the local phone companies just aren’t offering business solutions that are from the last decade. A lot has changed with phone systems, and it doesn’t mean it’s more complicated or expensive either.

What Otsego County Businesses Should Expect from Their Phone Systems

Let’s take a few moments to consider how your business’ phone system should work:

Your Business’ Phone System Should Be Fully-Hosted

Now, what does this mean?

Traditionally, phone systems and the assorted features that many businesses relied on would require bulky and expensive hardware at the business’ location. You’d likely require a dedicated server to host the system, along with the hardware required to fax documents and the like. Not only would you need to invest in the hardware itself, you’d then need to keep it maintained. This added substantial expenses and costs to the business’ investment in what is fairly described as an operational necessity.

A fully-hosted system is one that the provider takes on and maintains on your behalf. This way, you get all the benefits that come with the system (more on these in a moment) without any of the costs associated with maintenance and upkeep. It’s kind of like the great parks and trails that we have here in Otsego County… you could hypothetically invest in purchasing and maintaining the land to create your own walking trail, but the parks and trails open around Otsego County provide a much easier and cost-effective option.

Your Phone System Should Enable Mobility

Considering the rise in hybrid work policies and remote work—particularly in recent years—it has become exceptionally clear that the modern employee won’t necessarily be working in one set place one hundred percent of the time. However, you almost certainly want them to be reachable by business phone one hundred percent of the time. This introduces problem two with traditional phone systems: in order to use them, the worker needed to always be in the same place.

Because this is no longer the guaranteed work situation, you need a phone system that can move with your employees. You need one that they can use wherever they are. This means your phone system needs to work on their laptops and their smartphones, and not necessarily with a dedicated handset because they won’t necessarily have one with them.

Your Phone System Should Allow for Collaboration

Let’s talk about meetings for a moment. Once upon a time, you and your team members could assemble in a room and have a meeting face-to-face to work together on a project. Due to the aforementioned changes in where work is done, this is no longer a given.

This means that conference calling needs to not only be included in your business phone system’s capabilities, it needs to be easy to use.

In Short, Otsego County Businesses Should Rely On VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP (short for Voice over Internet Protocol) is the modern form of telephony that outpaces the traditional systems in effectively every way—all of the features that you’re likely used to using are included, along with many, many more, and it all utilizes the Internet, greatly reducing your overall costs. It ticks all the boxes we referenced here, too: VoIP is fully hosted, available on your desktop or as a mobile application, and offers simple collaboration through conference calling and additional integrations with other communication solutions.

Basically, it’s everything an Otsego County business needs in its telephone.

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