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Directive has been serving the Oneonta area since 1993, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

3 Ways We Relieve Your Pain Points!

b2ap3_thumbnail_solutions400.jpgWhat are your business' biggest pain points? Some pain points are obvious, like the issue keeping you up at night. Other pain points are smaller; you may not worry about them as much, but they still negatively affect your bottom line. Here are three ways we can help identify and find solutions for your company's pain points.

We Learn About the Obvious Pain Points
When we talk with you about your business, we take the time to listen. This may seem like an obvious business strategy, but you would be surprised by how many businesses won't listen to their customers. You may have experienced this yourself whenever you called up a large company with a problem, only to be transferred through a maze of different departments.


What makes Directive different is that we are an IT solutions company. This means that we see it as our job to learn everything we can about your problem, and then find you the best solution possible. Our solutions approach means that you are not just another customer with a random account number, you are our client and we will take the extra time to learn about the pain points weighing most heavily on your mind.

We Notice Pain Points that are Hidden
One advantage that comes from taking time to listen is that we are able to discover pain points that you may have missed. We are able to uncover these hidden pain points because of our years of experience finding IT solutions for a variety of clients. Looking for these hidden pain points is important because sometimes, the obvious problem may stem from an issue that's not-so-obvious to the untrained eye.

Taking care of these root issues is the best way to take care of a pain point. It's the difference between popping a pain pill to relieve a symptom, or finding out what's causing the pain and then performing surgery to remedy the problem. A company that doesn't take the time to get to the bottom of the problem may only be able to offer their customers a cosmetic fix, which will then cause the pain point to resurface again, costing customers even more money.

We Identify with Pain Points that are Universal
There are many pain points that every business, including Directive, seem to always be experiencing. Let's take a look at budgeting as one example. Every business struggles with it; making it a universal pain point. Every business wishes they could spend less on IT, and more on things that are closer to their hearts, like salary or marketing. With Directive managing your IT infrastructure, your IT budgeting pain point is relieved because you can now categorize IT repair as an operating expense. With your IT now budgeted, your technology repair bill won't be a surprise that eats away at your profits.

By determining pain points and having money freed in the capital column, our managed IT services will make your IT infrastructure profitable! This is the whole point of technology; to not have to worry about it, and instead, having your technology work for you. If your technology is basically a giant pain, then give Directive a call at 607.433.2200 and have us relieve your pain points!