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6 Essential Tools to Bring Marketing Back to Your Website

6 Essential Tools to Bring Marketing Back to Your Website

Your website is the roadway for all digital information about your company’s services, products and vision. Leveraging your website to generate and convert leads is pivotal in today's digital landscape. In this article we will discuss six marketing tools that, when utilized adeptly, can guide potential customers directly to your digital doorstep.

1. Social Media Platforms

Utilizing social media - including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram - can expose your business to new audiences. It's crucial to see social media not just as a standalone platform but as a component of your marketing funnel. Use these platforms to share engaging content from your website, like your blog articles, incorporating links to drive traffic back to your site.


2. Email Marketing

Email remains a potent tool to attract visitors to your website. Now, to be clear, we’re not talking about spamming random people with emails that say, “Hey, click here for great deals.” That is called spam, and spam can ruin your company’s reputation. Effective email marketing, such as well-crafted eNewsletters, provides valuable content and links back to your website. Recipients of these eNewsletters are usually engaged through other marketing activities, ensuring that your emails are welcomed rather than perceived as spam.


3. Industry-Specific Online Forums

One of the great things about the Internet is that it allows people to connect with each other and find answers to virtually any topic. Engaging in online forums related to your business allows you to demonstrate expertise and share insights. If the forum allows for it, be sure to link your website in your forum posts, especially if you have a blog article pertaining specifically to the topic at hand.


4. Leverage Video with YouTube

YouTube offers a creative platform to showcase your business. Create content ranging from commercials to informative videos, embedding your website URL in the video descriptions and as clickable overlays. We recommend hosting these videos on your company’s YouTube channel and embedding them on your website for broader accessibility and increased traffic.


5. Include QR Codes in Your Print Media

Even print media can be used to drive people to your website. In addition to listing your company’s website URL on all of your print media (like your printed newsletter), you will also want to include a QR code. This effectively turns every piece of paper your company prints into a direct link to your website.  


6. Use SEO Best Practices

Investing time in SEO is crucial. Regularly updating your site with fresh, unique, and helpful content and linking it to active social media platforms can significantly boost your visibility. In highly competitive markets, consider consulting SEO professionals to optimize your strategies.


Using any one of these six tools is a sure way to boost traffic to your website.