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Directive has been serving the Oneonta area since 1993, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

A Look Back at The Technology That Got Us Here

A Look Back at The Technology That Got Us Here

Think about all the things you’ve experienced thanks to the rapid innovation of technology. We can all agree that technology is cool. Today, we have $10 drones, mugs that keep your coffee warm, and LEDs everywhere. 

So what’s next? 

It stands to reason that technology will continue to improve and evolve. What exactly this looks like is hard to know, but it should be filled with surprises. Let’s take a brief look back at some of the technologies that have changed the way we live and work; and then look at the technology that is rapidly coming down the line. 

The Microchip

Invented in the late 1950s, the microchip is a landmark invention, as it is the single thing that makes our digital world even possible. It was the culmination of decades of work in computing and set the stage for everything that has transpired in the digital world in the interim.  

The PC

The PC took some time to catch on, but when it did, society would change forever. Jobs that were around long before the invention of the PC currently all demand the use of some form of computing. That’s transformative. 

The GUI Operating System

I threw this one in here because it made computing accessible to people who didn’t know any coding or commands. With a click of a mouse and an integrated keyboard, the GUI-driven OS would transform computing forever and bring it to the average person.

Mobile Devices and Wireless Communication

Cellphones that had to be carried around in a giant purse were reserved for people of affluence, but how quickly that changed when device and plan prices stagnated and brought lots of new users into the market. Today we are on our fifth generation of wireless and the devices are often more powerful (and more expensive) than business workstations.

The Internet

The World Wide Web was a revelation for people, for business, and for society. Over time it has been built into a marketing and sales juggernaut. Technologies such as social media, video games, and cloud computing—all transformative technologies in their own right—wouldn’t exist without the development of Internet protocols. 

The Internet of Things

Billions of machines have been developed with some type of connectability and these “smart” devices make up the Internet of Things (IoT). The applications of these devices can be from a one-action switch to devices that have the breadth of human knowledge available on demand. 

Artificial Intelligence

Finally, we get to AI; at least the version of artificial intelligence that is available today. Software that learns can have such great effects on society, but as it stands most AI is just used for automation. As it advances, however, it will have some very interesting impacts on not only the digital world, but for humanity as well. 

Invention and innovation continue to contribute to the complexity that is the modern world. If you enjoy our content and would like to read more about technology and business, return to our blog again soon.