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Directive has been serving the Oneonta area since 1993, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

An MSP is Helpful... Even if You Aren’t Ready for Full Managed Services

An MSP is Helpful... Even if You Aren’t Ready for Full Managed Services

We spend a lot of time talking about managed IT services. That’s where you pay a monthly contract to have your technology taken care of for you. There are a lot of pros to this, especially for a business that values uptime and efficiency... but sometimes, you just need that certain computer working, and signing another contract isn’t in the cards. We get it. Here’s how we can still help.

Why Your Business May Not Need Fully Managed Services...

Depending on the technology solutions your business leverages in its day-to-day operations as well as the size and scope of your business itself, your business might be able to get by with the old-school method of IT support. Whereas managed services keeps you running, the alternative is just paying to fix what’s broken, and paying for project work.

We’re going to be honest with you: the cost of break-fix IT can fluctuate wildly. Hunting down a problem is much more effective when we’re able to monitor and care for every device on your network, as opposed to playing cat and mouse when something is specifically affecting you or an end-user.

Consider how much technology you actually make use of in your business with any regularity. If it isn’t enough for managed services to provide the return on your investment that they should, it doesn’t really make sense to take on a comprehensive managed services strategy. For instance, if you only have two or three workstations in your business, you might save a little money in the long run (if you are lucky and don’t run into many issues).

...But Could Still Benefit from IT Solutions...

If you decide you aren’t ready to sign any contracts to keep your IT running smoothly, there are still plenty of ways Directive can help you become more effective and profitable through technology. In fact, businesses of all sizes need to be cognizant of how their operations can benefit from technology - even if this technology is deployed in a more piecemeal manner than a comprehensive, cohesive solution set would be.

That’s why, if your business proves to be a poor fit for a full managed service agreement, we aren’t just going to leave you without any options. Our philosophy is simple: there are certain needs that any business’ technology has, regardless of that business’ size. Many of these needs have to do with a business’ security.

The Directive team can help you keep your business secure and productive through a variety of activities.

  • Software Licensing - We help Upstate New York businesses get set up with the right versions of Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G Suite, and often that can save a little money every year.
  • VoIP - Stop paying for expensive phone plans and long distance charges, while still giving your business the ability to do conferencing, call waiting, dial by department, and even have full access to your work phone line from any device.
  • Email - This goes along with Office 365 and G Suite; if you are still using an on-site email server, making the switch to a cloud-based email will majorly simplify your life.
  • Base Monitoring - We can at least monitor your network and make sure antivirus definitions are kept updated and critical Windows updates are handled for you.

...For the Time Being.

Of course, since implementing IT solutions (even on a per-use basis) helps to advance your business and its operations, there’s a very real chance that doing so will allow you to grow to the point that comprehensive managed services make sense for your operations. We’d like to assist you in doing so.

Reach out to Directive to learn more about the services we offer, and how we can help you develop your business’ success.

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