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Cloud Hosting is More than a Quick-Fix

b2ap3_thumbnail_clizzy400.jpgMany businesses are taking advantage of cloud hosting because it's a convenient way to downsize their IT infrastructure. The cloud also makes installing new software easier, and has several more advantages; although, it's important to not rush to the cloud and go with just any cloud hosting service. Choosing an inferior cloud service with poor support can have disastrous consequences.

The cloud almost makes IT too easy. Whereas in the past, all applications would be hosted on your own IT infrastructure, and require a team of knowledgeable IT experts to set up everything and maintain it. These days, these same applications can be accessed on Web browsers from any computer or mobile device, and the cloud doesn't require the expertise of a professional IT technician to set up and operate. The cloud can therefore become a dangerous shortcut when the newly installed software is done hastily, and security features on end-user machines are not enabled or even considered.

Since the cloud makes installing software easy, the temptation is to add untested solutions to your cloud package in order to solve a crisis. This is assuming that, just because the application is hosted by a third party, their security measures will catch every bug and virus and keep your computers safe. While every cloud hosting company has some kind of security measures in place, not every company has enterprise-level security strong enough to meet the needs of your business.

You might run into this situation if you go with a basic cloud hosting service only because it's cheaper, but the inexpensive cloud solution may cost less because it's designed for residential customers. Your company's data is the lifeblood of your business and needs the best protection you can get find. Saving a little money by going with a poor cloud hosting service can end up costing you more than what you save.

Another way the cloud can make things a little too easy is that, because adding new software is simplified, it will make end-users think they can add whatever software they want. This can leave you with applications on your network you might not really need, or different software that have the same purpose, or even dangerous third party software's loaded with malware. If new a new application is added to your cloud service because it's a stopgap to fix an immediate problem, then your IT network will be filled with short-sided solutions that will not be built around meeting your IT goals.

To get the most out of your cloud service, you will want to keep IT professionals involved with the planning, implementation, and managing of your cloud solution. The cloud makes IT so easy that a business may think that they can do away with IT professionals. There is a tremendous value in having the IT professionals like those at Directive choose a cloud hosting service for you based on your needs, and then make an IT roadmap for your network that provides your business with long-term IT sustainability. The professionals at Directive can also help with the implementation of new applications for your network, both in-house and over the cloud, this way, you can be confident that due diligence is being done and the end-user's computer won't be hit with any surprises.

The cloud is a great tool designed to help businesses, and it makes business technology easy to figure out and use, but you will still want help with transitioning to and using the cloud from IT professionals that you can trust. Call us today at 607.433.2200, we will be happy to go over with you all the ways the cloud can revolutionize your business!