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Every Move You Make VoIP Presence Will Be Watching You

b2ap3_thumbnail_busyman400.jpgAs a busy person, you're constantly on the move. The downside of being busy is that you sometimes miss important phone calls, even if you there are a dozen different ways to reach you. VoIP provides you with a solution to help you never again miss a call with a feature called Presence.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a powerful tool that can streamline all of your communication solutions through your company's Internet connection, providing you with major savings on your long distance phone bill. Because VoIP utilizes the Internet, it's able to provide your business with premium communication features at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional phone plans. Presence is one VoIP feature designed for the busy business owner that misses calls because they can't stay in one place for too long. 

You Can Run but You Can't Hide from VoIP
VoIP Presence uses technology to monitor your whereabouts. It works by using the Internet to detect your presence and then route all incoming phone calls to where you are at. This technology is pretty wild to think about, and may be the missing link to computers becoming self-aware and taking over the world; but before the robopocalypse catches us off guard and enslaves us all, it's nice to never miss a call because VoIP tracks your whereabouts.
The technology VoIP uses to track you isn't a spy satellite or something out of a science fiction movie, but rather, VoIP uses your activity over the Internet to determine where you are, and then forward your phone calls to you. For example, let's say you have to urgently leave your desk and you don't have time to go through your phone's settings and forward all calls to your cell phone. While away, things calm down and you find a minute to check your e-mail from your smartphone. VoIP will detect that your latest network activity was from your smartphone and automatically route all incoming calls from your office to your smartphone.

VoIP is More Effective than Border Patrol
VoIP Presence is an especially handy feature for managers that work in a large facility. If you leave your desk to take care of business a few floors down (in the IT department), and log in to the network to check something, VoIP will recognize your most recent login and the next call IT gets will be for you. VoIP Presence can also extend beyond your facility and work at any of your company's locations around the globe.
VoIP CPresence can do more than track your moves; it will also obey your programed instructions based on your location. For example, you can instruct VoIP to take a message if it determines that you're in the conference room. Of course, it's only a matter of time before we're the ones taking orders from robots enabled with VoIP tracking technology, but until the robopocalypse actually happens, it's nice to have VoIP connect you with your important calls while you're on the go.

To get VoIP for your business and ensure that everybody in your company will never again miss a call, give Directive a call at 607.433.2200. We work hard to make technology work for you, not the other way around.