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Video, in my Magazine?

It's more likely than you think.  This month, video advertisements will be showing up for the first time ever in traditional paper magazines.



It may seem like something out of The Jetson's or Harry Potter; Entertainment Weekly will incorporate video into their magazine.  Magazines are certainly no safe-haven from advertisements, but never before have consumers ever had to deal with video in their paper medium. Using similar technology used in singing greeting cards, a slim screen will be activated when the page is opened, playing the advertisement on a screen about the size of a mobile phone display.  The chip embedded in the page is powered by a tiny rechargeable battery, and holds up to 40 minute of video.  The first video-in-print advertisement will promote a few CBS shows as well as (of course) Pepsi. Whether or not consumers will want to run out and buy a Pepsi after being attacked by video in their magazine has yet to be determined.  Personally, I'd enjoy reverse engineering the technology, as a magazine is much cheaper than a digital picture frame. Video-in-print is developed by Americhip, known previously for applying smell technology to magazine ads.