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Directive has been serving the Oneonta area since 1993, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

5 Things your IT Company can (or should!) be able to help your Business with.

Believe it or not, IT companies like DirectiveSHORT work a lot like other businesses.  We have many of the same needs in our business; from accounting to organizing data to marketing ourselves.  As an IT company, yes, we can manage your workstations, servers, and network, but there are other solutions we have up our sleeves that our clients can take advantage of, that just make sense for an IT company to provide, no matter what.

Business Management Software - We need it, and we run it for our organization.  Now, the software we use is built for IT providers (though others have used it too), but we can recommend a good feature list, and even help you find and implement software that can help manage your entire business from end-to-end.  Integrating software like this into your business usually requires some footwork around your IT infrastructure anyway, so if you are doing the research yourself, you'd probably need to check with your IT provider anyways.


Phone/VOIP Systems - When you call us, you probably notice we have a phone system that lets you direct your call to the appropriate department.  We did our research and went through a lot of solutions to pick out our phone system, so it's likely you can bring your specific needs to us and we'll have a solution that is right for you. 


Vendor Management - We do this all the time!  If we get a workstation that needs repair, but is under warranty, the first place we go is the hardware vendor.  We're used to dealing with plenty of vendors, and we've established relationships with many of them.  We can keep track of warranty information and support, and be your primary point of contact so you and your staff don't need to sit on hold with your hardware or software vendors.  It's one more burden off your organization to just use us, and like I said, we're already doing it every day. 


Mobile Technology - Face it, we're geeks!  We love gadgets, and smart phones, tablets, and portable devices are on top of our list.  To us, they aren't just toys, but incredibly useful tools in our arsenal that help us communicate and get our job done more effectively.  We can help you drive your business into the mobile world, pick out the platforms that would work best for your needs, and help you set up email and other communication methods up on your mobile devices. 


Consulting - Technology can be overwhelming.  If an IT company can't answer your questions or refuses to sit down with you and your team to really get an understanding of your organization's needs, then it is time to find one that can.  It is vital that your infrastructure works for your specific goals, and one-size doesn't always fit all.  We always strive to let our clients take advantage of our technical expertise and experience, because the smoother things run on your end, the better our relationship will be.