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Get More Range from Your Wireless Signal

wireless signal

Wi-Fi can drastically increase your mobility around the home and office, and over the past few years wireless technology has become faster and incredibly reliable. Unfortunately, the signal only goes so far, and can be obstructed by walls, metalwork, and other features throughout the building. If you want to boost your signal, you can try out some of these tips.

Location Location Location

If your Wi-Fi router is on one side of the building you might want to consider centrally locating it, and keep it raised. A lot of routers are ready to be mounted on the wall. This is especially important if you are trying to send the signal upstairs.

Wireless Repeaters

Wireless repeaters (often known as extenders) are small, simple devices that take the signal and rebroadcasts it. Their range usually isn't as powerful as the original router, but it's enough to extend the signal to another couple rooms. The only problem with this solution is you need to set the repeater up in an area that has fairly decent signal, or else it won't have anything to work with. Otherwise, the devices are convenient; some just hang off your electrical outlet, but others can boost the signal hundreds of meters for a relatively low cost.

Change your Antennas

If your router has external wireless antennas that can be removed, replace them with a high-gain antenna that can transmit the signal further. Most of these are plug and play, simply screw in the antenna and multiply your range.

Relocate your Antenna

If you can't centralize your Wi-Fi router, you can buy extension cables for the antennas. These are often used if you want to extend your signal outside. If you are planning on this, you'll want to also purchase outdoor antennas. Looking to get more from your Wireless? Contact us at 607.433.2200 and we'll gladly help your company break free of pesky cables (at least whenever possible!)