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Directive has been serving the Oneonta area since 1993, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Big-Business Solutions Also Apply to Oneonta Small Businesses


Enterprise businesses have historically had access to bigger and better technology solutions than their small to medium-sized counterparts, their sheer size allowing them to bulldoze any potential competitors who weren’t of their size or larger. However, with the changes to technology that we have seen, business opportunities for SMBs have become more accessible and affordable. This allows more businesses of all sizes, but particularly SMBs, to embrace solutions that can drive them to success.

How Has Technology Empowered Businesses?

Well, how long do you have?

The number of ways that smaller businesses can leverage technology solutions to assist their processes is staggering. Investing in Cloud solutions alone can provide a business with a huge amount of value, allowing data to be stored and accessed as needed, software solutions to be hosted and leveraged, and entire infrastructures to be virtualized. That’s just one technology, enabling a small business a huge amount of potential leverage.

From productivity to security, and everything in between, enterprise businesses have long had the advantage over smaller businesses. This was primarily due to the capital they had available to invest. Large businesses were able to afford solutions with the capabilities that SMBs simply couldn’t, giving them a leg up. For many enterprise-level businesses, there’s not a problem a check can’t fix. Smaller businesses just don’t have the option to throw money at a problem, instead they have to be smarter and more nimble in how they leverage technology.

The Importance of Scalable Solutions

As technology has progressed, however, the playing field has been leveled. This is primarily due to the introduction of scalability into the technology solutions that these businesses utilize, mainly as a result of cloud computing. Leveraging cloud technologies, resources can be assigned and removed as the need for these resources increases and grows.

Serverless computing is based on this idea. Rather than hosting a server in-house, you have the option of utilizing a cloud provider’s server resources instead, with the resources available to you scaled based on your need.

Think about it this way:

A child opens a lemonade stand on Muller Plaza in the middle of summer. Since it is such a hot day, this lemonade stand is doing exceptionally well. So well, the child realizes that the current rate of production won’t be able to keep up with demand. To remedy this, the child begins squeezing a lemon in each hand, doubling output. In doing so, this lemonade stand has scaled up. However, once the sky gets a little cloudy, the crowds begin to thin. As the supply of lemonade will now outpace demand, the child reverts back to squeezing one lemon at a time.

The ability to better control how resources are used is why SMBs are now able to have access to the same resources as large businesses and enterprises. Combining the capabilities of the cloud with automation, a business’ solutions are able to be increased and decreased based on demand. As the process is automated, operations can continue without much interruption at all.

This not only ensures that a business’ processes are optimized, it means that a business can also optimize its spend on computing resources.

Directive is committed to providing the IT solutions to Oneonta-area businesses that allow them to enjoy success, with little regard to their size. Reach out to us at 607.433.2200 to find out what solutions we can use to improve your processes.