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Digital Security Cameras for Business Use


A quality surveillance system can help you keep an eye on your business when you aren’t there—a critical responsibility that warrants some serious deliberation if it is to be approached. With so many considerations to make, it is important to make sure that you are balancing your needs with the systems available to you. 

We are here to help you find this balance, leaning on the experience we’ve built over the years to ensure your business always has something looking out for it.

Don’t Trust Your Tomorrow to Yesterday’s Security

Shortchanging your surveillance system means you’re inviting issues in.

Technology, as we’ve all witnessed, changes dramatically over time as improvements and enhancements are made. Take the closed-circuit television camera system… once the pinnacle of security solutions, the quality of the footage they produce (or lack thereof) makes them a second-rate option by today’s standards.

Today’s high-resolution digital camera systems are the new standard, providing a far clearer and more useful picture than CCTV ever could. With our help, implementing a digital surveillance solution will give you unparalleled visibility into the goings-on at your business’ location, short of being there in person.

Take Control of Your Business’ Security with a Digital Surveillance Solution

With access to total visibility available on-demand, you can be confident that you have a closer eye on your business than ever.

Thanks to cloud computing and other innovations, archaic videotapes aren’t a factor in modern surveillance systems. By storing data digitally, a modern system sends the footage directly to a network video recorder (or NVR), which encrypts and then transmits recordings to be securely stored in your business server.

Due to its digital nature, the NVR offers analytics baked-in, and can be configured to your preferences. Rather than recording at all times, you can tell a digital surveillance system to only start recording based on specific triggers, like the time of day, if motion has been detected, or if an alarm goes off. Plus, you also have the ability to remotely access your system from a mobile device for a live view of the footage being captured.

We’ll be sure to work with you to ensure that you are comfortable using these options and have been made aware of the best practices for using your system to your greatest benefit.

To learn more about a digital surveillance system and the other security solutions and protections we can provide for your business, give us a call today at 607.433.2200, or fill out the form on this page.

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