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Do You Know Exactly What is Being Backed Up?

Do You Know Exactly What is Being Backed Up?

Data backup is essential for any business, yet many employees might not fully understand how it works or what gets backed up. Today, let's clarify the basics of data backup and its importance.

What Gets Backed Up on Your Computer?

Many employees assume their entire computer is backed up, but this is often not the case. Typically, the main component backed up is the server, which varies by organization. This could be a network drive or another shared location.

However, documents not stored on the server may not be backed up if the system isn't configured accordingly. Files saved on desktops, in My Documents, or in Downloads are usually not backed up. It's a common misconception that these areas are backed up, but they usually aren't—especially the Desktop, where files shouldn't be stored long-term anyway.

When in doubt about your company's backup policies, consult your IT administrator or your service provider for clarification.

Consider Your Business Apps and Their Data

Ensure you understand how your business applications are backed up, especially if they are hosted in-house. Sometimes, employees use applications—known colloquially as shadow IT—without the IT department's knowledge. Applications don’t tend to ever get backed up on a corporate backup device, but if the data those applications use is stored in a central location (like on your server) then it should be backed up.

To avoid issues, confirm how and where your business app data is backed up. This awareness will prevent data loss and ensure business continuity.

Expand Your Knowledge of Data Backup Solutions

Understanding your data backup system encourages proper file storage practices and enhances business management. Don't wait—contact us for an IT consultation to discuss your backup systems. It’s a good idea to test a data loss situation at least once a year to see how your business can operate off of its backed up data. Get started today by calling 607.433.2200.