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Directive has been serving the Oneonta area since 1993, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

For Oneonta Businesses, “IT Support” is More Than Computer Repair


Do you know what almost every business in the world has in common, from the likes of Walmart, Amazon, and Samsung, to the many establishments (like yours) that have made Oneonta their home? There are actually two things: one, they all use technology in some way to enable their operations, and second, this technology can sometimes stop working.

Of course, businesses like Walmart, Amazon, and Samsung have the resources to be more than prepared for events like these, with trained teams on staff and access to perhaps more technology than they should have. Thanks to these internal teams, corporations and other large enterprises are able to diagnose, address, and resolve whatever issue may pop up or potential shortcoming that is predicted, just by throwing resources at it.

This means that these businesses are more or less prepared for any happenstance - but can you say the same about yours?

If we’re being honest, probably not. In fact, a similar occurrence would probably shut down a business of your size … but Directive can help fix that.

What IT Support is Perceived As
We’re all too familiar with the stereotypical caricatures of IT, whether it’s the disinterested and sarcastic telephone operator asking if someone tried restarting the machine or the thickly-bespectacled computer nerd coming in to fix something that’s broken in the office itself.

While this isn’t necessarily inaccurate, per se, it does shortchange just how many ways that a managed IT service provider like Directive can help your business. Sure, IT support includes computer repair, but there are far more situations in which we can lend some assistance.

In fact, today’s interconnected environment has turned business technology into a critical part of an organization’s long-term business development and strategy, when it once was seen more as a drain on other crucial resources. Now, it is seen as an opportunity for a business to grow its processes and become more capable.

Our support services are focused around ensuring your business’ welfare in four aspects:

Optimized Expenditures
In most cases, a business’ success is measured in its profitability. I know I don’t need to tell you that, in order to be profitable, your incoming revenues need to outweigh your outgoing expenses. Many would say the biggest detriment that technology has lent businesses in the past has been the propensity for equipment to experience issues, leading to the need of repair services and their accompanying bill, or the hiring of a dedicated in-house technician.

Due to the unpredictability of these events, these are effectively impossible to budget for.

Compared to the break/fix method, managed services are handled a little differently. Instead of billing our clients on a per-case basis, many of our services are included as a part of our managed service agreement. This means that our clients are given a consistent, predictable invoice each month (barring any work that the agreement doesn’t cover).

Convenient Access
If you discover that you suddenly find an issue preventing your systems from working as they should, help is only a quick call (or email, or live chat, or support ticket) away. Once we get the word, our professionals will spring into action and work to resolve the underlying cause.

Thanks to the technology we leverage, it’s likely that we won’t even need to leave our office in order to identify and fix the problem your business is experiencing. Let’s face it, why would we leave our cozy office space at 330 Pony Farm Road (increasing your downtime and cutting into your ability to produce) and coming to visit if we don’t have to?

This means that you’re back up and running even faster, ready to leverage your solutions and achieve your objectives.


Reliable Results
We are here to ensure that your technology works to support you, not the other way around. Our commitment to quality services delivered correctly the first time around has been proven time and time again--and if our clients aren’t absolutely and completely satisfied, we try again until they are.

These are just some many reasons that we’ve been operating for 25 years… and counting.

Personalized Service
Each business is different than the rest, not only in what it offers, but how it offers it, how it is run, who it offers it to… you get the idea. Because of this, there is no one method to IT that will universally fulfill the needs of anyone who utilizes it. We understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” option in IT, that our clients need a tailored approach for our endeavors to be successful. This is why we focus on what your business needs first, not what every other businesses in your industry needed.

To learn more about what we can do for your business, drop us a line at 607.433.2200. We’re looking forward to helping you out with your business’ technology, and hopefully contributing to your continued success.