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How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile: Part 3

How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile: Part 3

Your business’ online web presence is directly related to how extensive your SEO strategy is. As you by now know, a good way to improve and manage your SEO is your business’ Google Business profile.

We’re further exploring what you’ll need to keep in mind when setting up your Google Business Profile so that you are utilizing it to the fullest.

A Google Business Profile Gives Businesses a Lot of Utility

In setting up a Google Business Profile, you can use it to throw information at the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer, or you can inform your audience of changes in your hours. 

Your Google Business Profile gives you another place to share information and events. Your customers can also share their impressions of your business—including pictures—which hopefully helps to motivate you and your team into providing the highest possible standards of customer service to ensure that any social proof generated on your GBP is positive.

On the functional side of things, the GBP also gives you another place to shape your business’ branding the way you wish. You will have full control over the messages you share and have the benefit of improved traffic analytics.

Naturally, your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will see a boost as well. Most importantly, perhaps, is the fact that the people who see your profile are likely to be the people who are looking for precisely what you have to offer. 

Having a GBP also ties into how well your business is represented on Google Maps (just one reason that having your NAP match everywhere it is featured is so important), and significantly contributes to the likelihood that your business will appear in relevant Local 3-Packs on Google when a user’s local search indicates an interest in your services.

Let’s be honest… is it more likely that a business is going to search for “managed service providers” or for “tech support near me?” 

Having a Google Business Profile can contribute to your success in all of these different ways—and again, other than the time it will take to set up and manage (which we’re confident you’ll see as well worth it), your GBP is completely FREE.

So, from this point, we want to accomplish three things:

  1. Walk you through the process of claiming and initially setting up your Google Business Profile
  2. Show you how to make the most of the tools a Google Business Profile has to offer.
  3. Brainstorm some strategies that a managed service provider can involve their Google Business Profile in to help build engagement.

Let’s start with the most reasonable first step: setting up your profile in the first place. Stay tuned for the next installment in our series!