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New to Marketing?… Here’s Where to Start

New to Marketing?… Here’s Where to Start

Marketing your business may seem like a huge endeavor, or that you need to be a marketing mastermind to actually effectively market your business, but that is not true. If done right, marketing can be done without any stress or hassle. Where do you start? With a plan of course!

It All Starts with a Plan

The very first step of marketing your business is creating a detailed and comprehensive plan. With a refined marketing plan tailored specifically to your business, marketing becomes an organized and systematic process that only needs occasional refining. Your marketing plan should fulfill the overall purpose of finalizing the marketing initiatives that you are doing, as well as schedule and organize these marketing initiatives.

A good marketing plan takes time, resources, and experience. If you can’t spare the time and lack the experience and resources, don’t stress, we have all the time, resources, and expertise needed to help your company with its marketing efforts. 

Do You Have a Quality Website?

Do NOT underestimate the power of a quality website. 

Believe it or not, in our modern times, there are still some businesses that do not have a website, let alone other online platforms that small businesses should be taking advantage of. Your business’ website is, more often than not, the very first impression your customers have of your business. The first impression is important and should be the best representation of your business. The style and quality of your website should be closely considered, browse around and see what some of your competitors are doing for inspiration.

Marketing Initiatives You Should Be Doing

Once you have a quality website that your MSP’s current and future patrons can go to, you can begin with other marketing initiatives. There are several methods available for marketing your business. For example, mailers, events, blogs, SEO, and social media are great starting initiatives for any business that is just starting out.

1. Blogs

Featuring a blog on your business’ website is a great marketing initiative for businesses that are just starting to actively market their business. A blog will help increase traffic to your website and establish your company as the local industry expert. Content that is posted to the blog should be relevant and informative with regular updates. Also, remember who your audience is. This ensures that any information you provide is “digestible”, or understandable, by your audience.

2. Social Media

Social media platforms can be used to raise awareness about your brand and create connections within an online community. Social media allows you to provide the public with little snapshots or teasers about your company’s values, services, and culture. This initiative gives you access to a large number of potential clients. 

3. SEO

You’d be surprised at what a few keywords and a meta description can do for your business’ marketing efforts. This initiative is very important for your website and blog traffic. With proper search engine optimization, your website will rank more frequently on first page searches and allows both current and potential customers to find your business easier. 

Note: All of these initiatives have an almost symbiotic relationship, bolstering and providing support for each other. Using them in conjunction with each other will garner greater results from your marketing efforts.