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Directive has been serving the Oneonta area since 1993, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Ready To Invest in Social Media? It’s Time For The Ultimate Social Media Rig

Ready To Invest in Social Media? It’s Time For The Ultimate Social Media Rig

Social media has established itself as a main communication tool for personal use and businesses alike, yet many local businesses aren’t using it to its full potential. If you’re a business struggling with your social media presence, learn how the Ultimate Social Media Rig can get you up and running.

Why Your Business Needs Social Media

If you’re like most businesses, you faced many challenges over the last year - one of those being communication with your clients, customers, and prospects. While social distancing allowed your team and clients to remain safe, there’s no denying that most businesses took a financial hit. Whether this hit was from less foot traffic, tighter budgets, or higher expenses just to get work done, the last thing businesses can afford to do now is to be harder to find.

The ability to communicate with your team, clients, and the general public is essential to generating interest to garner the attention needed to generate leads. Social distancing made doing so more difficult, but not impossible. In fact, with the right tools, a business could increase its reach.

We’ve been in the same boat—for years a part of our growth could be tied to showing up. We attend chamber meetings, we go to trade shows. We spend time with our clients and prospects in face-to-face meetings. Not only was this a great way for us to interface with new prospects and grow our business, but we legitimately enjoyed doing it. That said, we’ve always been strong believers in social media and other forms of marketing and communication as well.

Still, many businesses have yet to take full advantage of social media because they could not see the value. There’s no doubt about it: your business needs a social media presence right now.

How Social Media Can Help Your Business

While many businesses have excuses to believe that social media doesn’t work, the reality is social media can and does benefit any company that invests resources to make it successful. While determining the value of social media can seem nebulous at times, there are substantial benefits to developing your social media presence. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Generating brand awareness and providing information about your business. 
  • Cost-effective marketing, as social media allows you to promote your business at an affordable price-point.
  • Expanding your consumer pool by enabling you to develop relationships with customers and other companies who share your message, thereby increasing your reach.
  • Enabling timely communication, as social media allows for almost instantaneous messaging and communication about your business. 
  • Effective mass-communication for announcing hours of operation and changes.

It should be obvious how much value can be derived from social media, but is it understandable that, as a small to medium-sized business, you may not have the time to devote to fully developing your social media presence. 

We’ve Made Getting Started with Social Media Easy

We call it the Ultimate Social Media Rig. It’s one of our longest-running marketing services, as we’ve been helping businesses get going on social media for about a decade.

Some of the biggest benefits of the Ultimate Social Media Rig:

  • Many businesses convert their personal accounts into their business accounts when developing their social media presence. This severely limits what you can do to promote your business. The Ultimate Social Media Rig will set up and optimize professional business pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  
  • While it may seem superficial, people often judge your business based on how it’s represented online by the look and feel of it. The Ultimate Social Media Rig’s professionally designed and customized branded graphics, images, and banners will project the impression you are a professional organization.
  • We make it easier to manage your social media. It includes training to help you get started, and a single platform to manage all of your social networks from any browser. It will save you time and simplify the learning curve so you can focus on communicating to your audience rather than learning multiple platforms.

Communication is Essential to Your Business Growth, and Even Its Survival

The best way to attract customers to your business is to meet them where they are, and currently, that is social media. Directive can help you remain in touch and top-of-mind with your audience.

Investing in the Ultimate Social Media Rig is an excellent first step. However, your social media presence can benefit from a few more services. We offer your business a variety of tools to gain the attention of your audience and drive traffic to your site. Our website designs are modern, responsive, and sure to provide visitors with the type of experience which will ensure they keep coming back. 

The most effective way to reach a top-ranking position on Google is with informative and well-written content. While the phrase “content is king” seems cliche, it is a truism. The better your content is, the more likely your webpage and business will rank on a search.

With Directive as your partner, you will help better connect and gain the interest of new ones. Call 607.433.2200 today for more information, or to schedule a meeting.